I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 36.3

A medical student directly stated that the irritating liquid chosen by the contestant will not only cause someone to lose their voice but will also have an effect on the throat. 

The contestant’s true intention is to destroy Tao Anjie.

“F***, F***, F***, I can’t calm my mind. it’s too rubbish. Why is there such a vile and disgusting individual? Who did Tao Ge offend? He should be a good judge. He only points out his flaws. The garbage wishes to directly destroy him… Tao Ge previously stated, he likes singing the most. If he can’t sing one day, he doesn’t want to live anymore. Despite the fact that this was before he met his wife, I was so terrified that I got goosebumps on my arm.”

“Just reading the text has made me feel suffocated. This isn’t vengeful retaliation, it’s murder!”

“I dare not think about it if the singer’s voice is damaged.”

“Sister-in-law didn’t cry at home now, right?”

“I’ve finished watching “My Voice and My Show” for a while now, and I’m very impressed by the garbage because Tao Anjie often secretly praises him. I didn’t see this coming… this is the modern version of Farmer and Snake.” 

Not only do Tao Anjie’s fans believe that players who add stimulating liquid to the drink are frantic and morally corrupt, but so do netizens.

Of course, You Qiuqiu mixed in is also particularly eye-catching.

“You Qiuqiu is so miserable. She was shot while she was lying down.”

“Although You Qiuqiu is not a singer, the video that was circulated on the scene is frightening. Everything is fine now. How is the person?”

Fans aren’t sure if Tao Anjie’s wife is crying at home, but Xingqiu are really crying.

They’re all curious about what’s going on with the cub right now. 

The online comments are terrifying. 

Did the cub drink that thing and get a sore throat as a result?

Although Xingqiu will support You Qiuqiu’s death singer and play wildly, they still adore the cub. 

Even if they can’t brag about their cub’s singing abilities, they still think she’s adorable and loveable, and their cub is the best in the world.

But they are still pleased that the cubs can be open for business on the front foot, although such a big thing happened to Qiu cub on the back foot, and Xingqiu are completely messed up.

Pei Qianhuo, as president of the support club, should have provided spiritual support to fans, but he is about to faint.

Mainly there is no You Qiuqiu’s contact information.

Pei Qianhuo had seen You Qiuqiu before, but he didn’t ask for contact information because he was firm, a true dad fan, and he didn’t engage in a private association.

Firmness is firmness, and he does not know whether You Qiuqiu is healthy.

Pei Qianhuo wanted to contact the ancient martial arts crew where You Qiuqiu was located, but his father was still skeptical about him playing with female stars the previous time, so he didn’t have any contact information for the ancient martial arts crew. How could he find You Qiuqiu?

Pei Qianhuo: “…” How are you doing now, poor daughter?

Tao Anjie’s fans did not forget the victim of You Qiuqiu after reprimanding the trash player.

Speaking of You Qiuqiu, she helps Tao Anjie in preventing the disaster. Otherwise, Tao Anjie’s subsequent concert will be canceled.

Tao An has been outstanding for a long time, and his fan base is large and diverse, compared to Xingqiu. 

Under this kind of gratitude and guilt, many people went to You Qiuqiu’s Weibo, followed and commented, praying that You Qiuqiu could comfort Xingqiu.

Even they know that this comfort is a bit weak.

Xingqiu is very sensible in this respect. Tao Anjie is not the guilty person, nor is his supporter. 

They simply scold the scumbag who took part in the competition.

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