I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 36.4

When Xingqiu were about to cry because they were worried about the cub’s voice. You Qiuqiu only discovered that fans were worried on Weibo.

She was taken aback by everyone’s crying faces, and she then realized she should inform them she was safe.

She had no idea the incident would be exposed online because it happened so quickly, and she didn’t go online before opening Weibo.

You Qiuqiu specifically posted a Weibo after learning that Xingqiu is concerned about her.

You Qiuqiu V: Thank you for your concern. I am doing fine now.

After she finishes posting, she will go to the fan club group and call everyone to open Weibo as soon as possible. Don’t worry, the cub said she’s fine!

Then she discovered that someone was one step ahead of her.

It’s [Qiu Cub’s Number ① Guardian Angel].

You Qiuqiu is very familiar with this ID and this ID is a devoted follower who always discovers her post first.

She stopped when she noticed someone taking the initiative, and she waited for everyone to finish reading that Weibo so she could relax and do her own thing with peace of mind.

But things did not move in the direction that You Qiuqiu predicted.

“I cried out loudly, wuwuwu. While losing her voice, Qiu cub had to endure the grief and sent us this Weibo. We are concerned because she is afraid. Why should the Cub be so sensible?”

You Qiuqiu: No…no…she can make a sound, and she just lost her voice for a while.

The rest of the group responded as well.

“Yes, the cub is very sensible. The old mother is even more concerned. My tears are useless.”

You Qiuqiu wanted to squeeze her hair, but her fans are very good, which is why they are so resolute this time.

She also heard a different voice. It was [Qiu Cub’s Number ① Guardian Angel], who said, “In fact, it may be true…”

But, as soon as he finished speaking, he was drowned out by a mob of crying.

She was portrayed as sensible, stubborn, and unyielding. She is sad and does not want to worry her fens. You Qiuqiu considered it after seeing this and reopened Weibo.

This time, she shared a song she had recorded.

You Qiuqiu V: I just finished recording it, it’s freshly released, and I’ll sing a song for you to listen to.

You Qiuqiu’s fans refused when they first saw this one. Even the passing ghost and evil monster howled as the cub opened her mouth, but they quickly reacted.

Wait, the cub said, she just recorded?

Then she can talk, right? !

The sound made them doubt life when they turned on You Qiuqiu’s audio with suspicion and joy, not caring about the bad singing.

No, handsome guy, who are you?

Is it possible that the cub sent the wrong audio?

You Qiuqiu knew that her singing voice had suddenly improved to the point of being normal, if not that good. 

Fans may not believe it, so rather than waiting for everyone to hit the question mark on the barrage, You Qiuqiu simply uploaded a video of herself singing.

There is a video with the truth, and yes, that is her.

Xingqiu finally determined that this low and melodious male voice was indeed made by their cub after a long period of doubts about life.

This is simply incredible!

They’re not sure whether they should be surprised that the cub isn’t singing out of tune, or that the cub is holding such a beautiful face and singing in a male voice that is completely inconsistent with her face.


The male voice was indeed very good after You Qiuqiu’s voice changed. 

It was a typical youth voice, even if it was a little charming.

Tao Anjie also didn’t fool You Qiuqiu. 

You Qiuqiu’s singing was actually in tune after he changed his voice, completely removing the death singer title. 

The baritone can perform a love song to make a lot of money.

If it wasn’t for You Qiuqiu’s face.

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