The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 1.1

【Passenger No. 1888. The destination has arrived. Please disembark as soon as possible. 】

A young girl wrapped in a red and black overcoat hurriedly lifted her suitcase and ran all the way towards the spaceship door.

A dark tentacle quietly stretched out from under the seat. If people around were a bit careless, they will definitely trip over it.

If the little girl did not leave within the time limit, it will be regarded as violating the military order and the poor little girl will be executed by law enforcement robots on the spot.

In the interstellar, the resources were scarce, and the unregistered resident without identity has no human rights at all.


The little girl’s footsteps were quick. She directly stepped on the soft tentacles and even stepped on the upper sensor of the tentacles.

Every tentacle of the interstellar people was tough, but the sensors were very fragile and sensitive. The owner of that tentacle let out a scream and was immediately confronted by ten slender silver long metal tubes.

These were the photon gun of the law enforcement robot. It only takes a second to annihilate the huge octopus.

The little girl didn’t join in the excitement and rushed to the door without looking back.

The octopus squeezed a flattering smile on its red face. It carefully raised its poor tentacles and then discovered that its rocky tentacles had shrunk slightly in the middle.

Even if these were the fragile parts in the tentacles, how can it be injured like this with the chicken power of the human being?!

As a cold-blooded creature, the blood of the octopus seemed to condense into ice at this moment. What kind of monster was the little guy who just looked like an ancient Blue Star person?!

It wants to report to the authorities, but the other party’s figure has completely disappeared, and the spaceship’s door was closed again.

This spaceship was customized for the unregistered resident, and it will send the people to the next destination, which was a prison built on Black Water Star. That planet was surrounded by water, which is very suitable for the people who were living in the ocean.

After the little girl went out of the spaceship, she stood blankly in the cold wind. The place where she stood was an empty wasteland. She looked around and there was no green plant.

Although she was told in advance that she would live in Barren Star, the desolation was worse than she thought.

【The host has arrived at the planet 1648. Home Assistant is downloading the map.

Downloading 15%……27%……58%……

The current map has been downloaded. The system will revive the new route for you, and the system 008 will navigate it for you. 】

The system that reminded Xu Qiu to avoid obstacles on the ground (the octopus tentacles) was very considerate and automatically recorded a new destination for its host.

The four-leaf clover necklace hung around her neck was floating in the air. One piece of it fell off from the middle, and the tip of the necklace pointed to the front, guiding her to move forward.

Four hours later, Xu Qiu reached her destination. Her two legs felt painful and soft, like noodles.

Barren Star Kindergarten.

Although she was an unregistered resident, Xu Qiu was detected as a harmless citizen. She did not have any criminal record and was assigned to the Barren Star by the main brain to become a glorious childcare worker. If she worked for one year as a voluntary labor, she would become an interstellar citizen with legal status.

Except for the restriction of personal freedom on the spaceship, she was not restrained after she went out of the spaceship.

She thought that at least a colleague would come to greet her here. When she was on the spaceship, she still thought of no less than a hundred question-and-answer scenarios, but the future colleague was even more unfriendly than she thought. There was no shadow of a person at all. The mental outline that was played for a few hours ago was in vain.

The environment on Barren Star was far worse than Xu Qiu thought.

She walked for four hours and there was no street, lake, building, not even the sogon grass house could be seen.

This Barren Star Kindergarten was standing on the wasteland looks like the only building on this small planet.

It was so sudden, but in some respects, it is very consistent with the Barren Star.

This kindergarten was really broken!

Xu Qiu walked around the outside of the kindergarten, planning to imagine the footprint of the building in her mind.

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