I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 32.1

At first, neither the “Monster Dage” in front of her nor the director of the program group who was supervising everything had any idea what they were in for.

When the director of the program group noticed that the situation was progressing in the direction he expected, he lifted the water glass with satisfaction.

At this level, he has been seen someone crying, going insane, and destroying things, as well as sitting motionless on the ground.

You Qiuqiu were the first to sing to the “monster.”

The director of the program group gave an evaluation in his mind: It’s a lot of fun.

Does she think he’ll feel soft when she sings for him?


The space where You Qiuqiu was located was quite dark, with only a variety of strange green and red lights emitting a weak light to add to the overall horror atmosphere. 

Even in this state, You Qiuqiu is stunning. She was dressed in white sportswear today. Her thick, black hair was casually scattered. Her smart and pure appearance could easily arouse others’ desire for protection.

The “Monster Dage” was unconcerned about You Qiuqiu’s musings over there.

“How about I sing something cheerful? What do you think?”

After she finished speaking, she nodded, believing that he agreed with her point of view, and she cleared her throat and sang loudly.

“Hero Song.”

Then, without giving everyone a chance to catch their breath, the singing began: “Big river goes to the east, all the stars follow BeiDou. Hey Hey Hey Hey follow BeiDou, life and death friend, a bowl of wine.”

You Qiuqiu not only sings but also adds late repetition to herself, which can be described as difficult.

But maybe it’s not a good idea to let this hard work fall into the ears of others.

Puff —

The program group’s director, who was monitoring her, had just taken a sip of water. He spits out the water that he had just sipped when he heard the tragic singing.

“Please, God, turn off the music for me!”

No, it’s good to be cheerful, but where is the joy of “Hero Song?”

The program group’s director felt he had underestimated the female artist named You Qiuqiu.

He thought she was going to be cute and sing to make the “monster” softhearted, but he did not know she was going to intimidate the “monster”!

Who would have guessed that such a lovely little girl would sing a song that would make people want to die in battle?

The director team can temporarily turn off the mic, but the poor “Monster Dage” is powerless to stop it. 

Worse, he is the one who is most vulnerable to You Qiuqiu’s sonic attack.

He had intended to enjoy the singing of the strange and beautiful female artist in front of him at first.

He is now speechless: “…”

You Qiqiu continued: “Say go, let’s go, let’s go, you have, I have, so do all, you have and I have it all!”

“Monster Dage” shook his body and was engulfed by a slew of heinous props. The seemingly tall and terrifying shell was actually pitiful and helpless. 

He turned around and slowly opened a door to make room for You Qiuqiu.

You go.

He gestures.

Go ahead, and don’t come back here.

T/N: I found the funny English music from this website.

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