I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 32.2

You Qiuqiu will complete the primary challenge if she can successfully exit the horror house.

In fact, You Qiuqiu unexpectedly sang because she was terrified and wanted to be brave. 

She also remembered the comments made by netizens about her “death singer.” 

She just tried it casually, knowing fully well that she sang badly.

However, “Monster Dage” is capable of giving way to herself, which is still beyond You Qiuqiu’s expectations.

Throwing aside the bleakness in her heart, You Qiuqiu looked out at the open door, where natural light was streaming in.



However, You Qiuqiu did not go out right away because she believed that even if she went out, she would complete the primary challenge. 

The program’s crew appeared to want them to find a key here.

So You Qiuqiu stopped singing and said, “First, give me the key.”

She talks about the conditions.

“Monster Dage” shook his head solemnly.

Not that simple.

He can already release her as an exception, and she still wants the key?

That’s excessive.

You Qiuqiu look up to the principled “Monster Brother.” She didn’t mess around, but kept her voice open: “Seeing injustice, have a cry ah, should give a hand, just give a hand ah!” 

Monster Dage made a surrender gesture before the last “ah” was finished.

He took a key trembling from the weed-like prop hair and handed it to You Qiuqiu.

You Qiuqiu got the key.

She thought the show’s crew was really a dog. They even considered putting the key on the head of “Monster Dage.” 

She was terrified to death. 

Who would even consider touching the key if it was on his head?

After getting the key, You Qiuqiu stayed and asked the monster in front of him, “Did you see my companion?”

“It’s Lan Xuan Ge.” 

The key was also obtained, as well as the customs clearance. 

You Qiuqiu still remember not finding Lan Xuan.

She does not know where Lan Xuan Ge has gone.

This time “Monster Dage” refused to discuss principle with You Qiuqiu and instead played rebelliously. He revealed Lan Xuan’s location.

Lan Xuan was terrified by the previous staff. The thief who ran quickly came to the “Monster Dage” and looked at each other affectionately before running to chase Lan Xuan, who was terrified.

You Qiuqiu felt masculine all over her body after she sang “Hero Song”. She wasn’t as frustrated as she was right now. She thanked the other party and proceeded down the road in search of Lan Xuan.

When You Qiuqiu discovered Lan Xuan, the brawny man crouched in a corner, his jacket covering his head and shivering.

You Qiuqiu: “Brother?”

What is this strange shape? Is it on the ostrich cos? When confronted with danger, he buried his head in the ground?

Lan Xuan’s reaction to seeing You Qiuqiu was like seeing the light.

“Don’t be afraid, Qiuqiu. Brother is here, and brother will protect you.”

“You just squat with me here. It’s safe here. It’s dreadful outside. I just saw a terrifying thief.”

“Furthermore, the programme group is being so unscrupulous. This time that they actually playing sound attack, did you hear the magic sound just now? …You die, I die, all dead.” Even the lyrics are so frantic.

“…Yes, I have seen everything,” You Qiuqiu corrected with her expressionless face.

Lan Xuan: ???

“Qiuqiu, poor baby, have you encountered a sound attack ghost?” Lan Xuan asks. She was really miserable.

You Qiuqiu took a two-second pause and sang to Lan Xuan: “Big river goes to the east, all the stars follow BeiDou.”

Lan Xuan: …

He was wrong.

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