I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 32.4

The cameraman was having a good time the entire time.

What kind of logical genius is she? He’s been studying physics since he was a child, and the rest is up to the physics teacher. He didn’t think he’d use it here.

The heat expands, while the cold shrinks. Which physics teacher teaches people this way?

The worst part is that he was successfully persuaded.

You Qiuqiu had persuaded herself, so she couldn’t control herself any longer. 

She drank a lot of ice cola while holding the bottle.

Fat can’t catch up with her as long as she drinks quickly!

The bubbling ice cola is cool, like a popping candy that was secretly bought by her parents when she was a child.


You Qiuqiu haven’t dared to drink these drinks for a long time since he gained weight from Mukbang live broadcast. Suddenly, she got a bottle and flew up coolly!

And she is still wearing lipstick. To avoid rubbing off the lipstick, You Qiuqiu tilted her head and poured it into her mouth. Surprisingly, she didn’t flip the car; the ice cola didn’t spill, and she didn’t ruin her lip makeup. 

Cameraman: It’s hilarious, and he desperately wants to drink it.

Although Lan Xuan abandoned the treatment after experiencing the horror room, he is still very dependable in all other aspects except the horror room. 

You Qiuqiu’s missing athletic cells are most likely filled here by him.

You Qiuqiu almost didn’t move during the follow-up activities, and Lan Xuan finished it quickly.

The recording of 《Heartbeat Challenge》 by You Qiuqiu was fairly smooth, and the speechless “monster” actors were sung by You Qiuqiu.

For a long time, the director of the program group and the staff who heard You Qiuqiu singing next to the director were unable to calm down.

You Qiuqiu haven’t realized how powerful her singing is yet; all she knows is that the odd job is over and she can go home.

You Qiuqiu had intended to thank Cui Jiannan in person. 

She was given this chance to show her face. 

Aside from the meal the day before, there was a brief exchange with Cui Jiannan in the recorded program, but she never saw him again.

It is improper for You Qiuqiu, a female artist, to knock on his door.

You Qiuqiu heard the program staff say before she could think of how to thank you.

“Mr. Cui was in a hurry this time. He was just checking out.”

“Hurry, Mr. Cui will have a lot of dramas and variety shows this year,” said another.

You Qiuqiu got the important message: Jiannan Ge is leaving right now.

She hasn’t given the gift yet.

You Qiuqiu dashed back into the room to retrieve the present. 

She knew roughly where Cui Jiannan and the others lived, but when she arrived, the hotel staff had already cleaned it.

“Are you looking for Jiannan Ge, Qiuqiu?”

Lan Xuan, who lives next door to Cui Jiannan, was the one who opened the door. 

He wanted to out to eat when he noticed You Qiuqiu. 

He knew that You Qiuqiu had performed in variety shows with Cui Jiannan.

“Jiannan Ge just walked away. He shouldn’t have gone too far, right?”

So You Qiuqiu obeyed Lan Xuan’s orders and returned downstairs.

You Qiuqiu went downstairs and discovered: ??

She doesn’t know where Cui Jiannan’s car is.

She didn’t thank him in person, and she didn’t give him the gift. 

In fact, You Qiuqiu was a little disoriented. 

A car stopped in front of her as she was about to return to the hotel.

The back window slid open.


“What brings you here?”

Cui Jiannan was the one who spoke. 

He looked surprised when he saw You Qiuqiu, and he appeared to be about to get out of the car.

You Qiuqiu stopped him.

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