Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 336

His pupils frequently squint upwards. The black and white color is hazy, and his eyes appear drunk but not drunk, dreamy and blurry.

There is a slight pink and hazy blush around the eyes.

People do not know how many young girls’ spring hearts they can capture just by relying on this pair of peachy eyes.

In addition, he has deep facial features, a tall nose, and sexy thin lips.

Lu Zijin’s mixed-race appearance makes him appear extremely expensive.

Even if the clothes he’s wearing are very old, it won’t have any effect on people’s imaginations. Did he pretend to be an aristocrat from the upper class in order to experience ordinary people’s lives?

When he was working, the shampoo brother was very attentive, and he didn’t look at his appearance when he assisted Lu Zijin in cleaning his hair.

After shampooing Lu Zijin’s hair, he inadvertently glanced at his face, and his hand movements came to a halt.


He couldn’t stop himself from swallowing his saliva.

There is such a handsome man in the world…

It appears to be more attractive than any other popular male celebrity…

Wow, the skin looks so good; it’s white, tender, and moisturized, and it’s elastic!

He really wants to poke and see if it bounces…

“The scalp is the second thinnest skin after the skin around the eyes. Except for scalp products that can be used directly on the scalp, shampoo and conditioner should not directly touch the scalp.

Improper application of shampoo can cause clogging of scalp pores, mild seborrheic dermatitis, and severe hair loss.

Sir, you have let a bunch of shampoos touch my scalp for more than 30 seconds. If you don’t rinse off and wash my hair in the right way, I will destroy your scalp in the same way.”

The cold voice sounded in the ear of the shampoo brother.

The shampoo brother awoke from a daze and grabbed the showerhead to rinse the shampoo from Lu Zijin’s hair.

Then he carefully re-poured the shampoo on his hand, rubbed it, and applied it to Lu Zijin’s hair.

He couldn’t help but spit out: Although what this handsome guy said was very reasonable, why do you always have the feeling that there is an invisible pretense in his tone?

From Xi Ying’s perspective, the shampoo brother was staring at Lu Zijin in a daze, then quickly rinsed off the shampoo and shampooed his hair again.


Something appears to have occurred.

The man noticed Lu Zijin’s appearance after washing his hair.

His heart is no longer as unbalanced as it once was.

It turns out that this tramp is not only a handsome man, but a super handsome man.

In this case, the beauty’s decision to be with him is understandable.

Kacha, Kacha, Kacha.

Even though the stylist has a lot of psychological activities, he still has to do his job properly.

The black hair that had been cut from Lu Zijin’s head was piled on the ground.

The original long hair that was obstructing the face has been cut into short hair.

Clean and refreshing, handsome and self-assured.

His appearance and temperament are not suitable for keeping bangs. 

So he styled it so that Lu Zijin’s forehead was exposed, revealing his entire delicate face.

Especially those lovely peach eyes.

Even if there is no emotion in her eyes, just a simple wink can almost fascinate people!

There are always a few gays in the average barbershop.

This shop is no exception.

After seeing such a handsome man, they screamed in low voices several times.

They were gathering together like fans, secretly staring at Lu Zijin.

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