The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 1.2

The kindergarten was 20 meters long, 20 meters wide, and about 400 square meters. The height of the wall was about two meters. Xu Qiu can easily climb the stone with the height of piled up cushion. It was small and broken.

She doesn’t know how many years the signboard of Barren Star Kindergarten was made. After being left under the wind, sun, and rain, the board was hung crookedly at the entrance of the small broken iron door. A few bright coloured calligraphic style words can be read: Caori Youhe Garden.

“Hello, this is Xu Qiu. I am the new childcare worker who was going to work today.”

She knocked on the iron door, and no one responded. Then she knocked it harder, making the door creaked and opened. In the end, the iron door was broken after being unlocked.


Xu Qiu dragged her suitcase inside and shouted: “Is there anyone? Hello, I’m the new kindergarten worker Xu Qiu. Is there anything I can help?”

After walking for four hours, the Barren Star has entered a twilight state. This small planet looks very close to the sun. She can saw a yellow sun hanging on the horizon looked like a big moon cake.

Xu Qiu swallowed, feeling a little hungry.

She not only tired but also felt hungry and thirsty.

In the kindergarten, Xu Qiu finally saw a few trees, but she didn’t know any of them.

The whole kindergarten was silent, and no one responded to her.

The temperature of the small planet varied from the day and night. When night falls, the temperature dropped rapidly. Despite wearing a thick overcoat, Xu Qiu shivered in the cold after a gust of wind came.

Even if she was the only one in the kindergarten, she must find a suitable place to live as soon as possible.

The 400 square meter kindergarten can be explored immediately. After walking through the kitchen and empty classroom, Xu Qiu go to the corridor and reached to the only locked room.

Unlike the iron door outside, the door of this room uses a more advanced iris lock.

The Federal Court had entered her information a long time ago. Xu Qiu stood quietly at the door. After scanning the infrared imager lock, the room door opened automatically.

The room was about 20 square meters. It has a single bed, a table, a chair, a small shower room, a towel rack, a toilet, and a bathroom area with less than 3 square meters. The shower room was a bit like a hotel room in the 21st century, which was the most common one.

However, the yellow stains in the toilet were obvious, and there was a dark dirt on the wall, as if it has been splashed by the radioactive. The dust on the table is half a centimeter thick, and the room hasn’t been inhabited for a long time.

Fortunately, when the faucet was turned on, there was still a steady stream of clear water flowing out and the new energy lights in the small house can still be used. At least she was not worried about dying because of thirst.

Xu Qiu had been in the kitchen and the classroom before, and there was no shadow of anyone. It seems that this kindergarten really only has her as a coolie.

She didn’t know if the students from the Barren Star Kindergarten were also moved away.

Xu Qiu endured the hunger and exhaustion to have a comfortable place to live. She swept away the ashes in the room and put on the bedding from her suitcase.

Sleep can make people forget hunger and tiredness. After cleaning, Xu Qiu took out the small biscuits hidden in her clothes. After eating a small piece, she forced herself to close her eyes.

The hard work made Xu Qiu sleep deeply. At night, a rustling sound came from the quiet kindergarten.

The first voice was sharp and quiet: “The newcomer has come in?”

The voice behind was a little hoarse: “It’s not a newcomer, the light in that room was on. It’s a new childcare worker.”

The voice became noisy: “It’s the Federal’s dog. When it comes over, I will eat it! I want to tear it up with my claw!”

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