The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 1.3

“I want to eat too; I want to eat too. I’m so hungry. The last childcare worker has been away for a long time, and I’m starving.”

The wind in Barren Star was very strong, but Xu Qiu slept soundly.

After discovering that she had awakened three thousand years later and became an unregistered resident, she had always had an erratic sense of unreality. She was a little afraid of being caught by the research institute for anatomy.

In this Barren Star, she found the peace that she hadn’t felt for a long time.

After waking up the next day, no colleague came out to say hello to Xu Qiu. She walked through the kindergarten and checked the kitchen. Luckily she found that the natural gas stove was still working.

Probably because the worker who came here was a voluntary labor and can’t get any remuneration. The kindergarten doesn’t even have a power meter, gas meter, and even a water meter. As long as the pipeline was not broken, she can use it for free.


【Scanning the current environment for the host, there is no monitoring equipment in the kitchen】

“Thank you.”

Xu Qiu closed the kitchen door and took out a bottle of milk and two potatoes from the system warehouse.

After sleeping for three thousand years, all the things she kept in the system warehouse were almost consumed.

Xu Qiu loves gardening very much, and her father gave her a thick biological encyclopaedia on her eighth birthday.

In her early childhood, she accidentally activated the illustrated handbook system.

Although it was a system, it could not give Xu Qiu anything. Instead, it urged her to travel all over the mountains and seas of the motherland, lighting up the biological illustrations that the system wanted one by one.

The system has a small space and was usually used to store goods.

There was a land and pastures in the space, but she has to work hard to harvest the fruits.

The time in the system space is the same as outside the space. There is no difference when plants mature.

Xu Qiu did not encounter the end times, and her family was well enough to not need to farm hard to obtain food or exchange for money.

The system can navigate, and the map APP in the mobile phone can also be used.

The system did not serve any purpose. Xu Qiu used it to stock up some goods. When she was young, she used it to hide snacks that her parents would not allow her to eat. When she grew up, it was convenient for her to move.

Unexpectedly, the system would be attached to her necklace to accompany her to the future. To keep her alive, it consumed most of its energy.

Even if there was no one here, relying on the food obtained from farming in the system space, she can persist until for one year.

However, if the Federal government does not provide any food to the childcare workers, she must find the source of food in order not to be arrested for research after a year.


After filling her stomach, Xu Qiu threw the empty glass bottle back into the system, which has a special recycling function.

When Xu Qiu opened the kitchen door, the loudspeaker above the kindergarten suddenly rang.

It was a male voice that sounded very mature: 【Please go to the cub dormitory at the rear and feed the cubs. 】

If Xu Qiu was awake yesterday, she might have discovered that the man’s voice was the same as the voice that said he was going to eat the new worker.

Could it be that she made a mistake?

The colleagues and the cubs she were going to taking care of were all in the cub dormitory area. Xu Qiu quickly rinsed her mouth and face with clean water. Then she patted the dust on her coat and fixed her crooked collar.

After searching for a long time, she finally found a sign that fell on the ground, with the word cub faintly on it.

Above this sign was the only place on the wall that looks like a door. There is a small lock on the wall, but the dust was too thick, and it looked hidden.

But she didn’t have the key, Xu Qiu frowned.

As if reading her thoughts, a bunch of keys were thrown from another section of the wall.

This set of keys were reddish brown, and it feels sticky when she holds.

Now was not the time to think about this mess. She wants to make a good impression on her colleagues and cubs!

Xu Qiu inserted the key into the keyhole, turned it to the right twice, and easily opened the hidden door. She raised a brilliant smile and then met dozens of pairs of hungry green eyes.

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