The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 2.1

Xu Qiu took a small step forward and then took a big step back. She slammed the door shut, locked the door, and pulled out the key. The action was done smoothly.

Although the kindergarten looked shabby, at least it looks like a normal building. After opening this door, she was like stepping into another strange and light-off world.

The cub dormitory was not the same as her staff dormitory. Behind the door was like a zoo, and every “dorm” was short and tiny.

To be more precise, it was more like a farm game. A small area was divided into ten small squares by a low wall of black bricks.

The long and narrow road was right in the middle. There are 5 grids on the left and 5 grids on the right. These small squares were next to each other and were closely connected. There was no gap at the end of the outer wall. The small squares were symmetrical and orderly, which was friendly to patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The ten cubs stayed in their own place were rather well-behaved. When Xu Qiu showed up, they all looked at her.


The space behind the door was probably less than 20 square meters, and the end of the wall can be seen at a glance.

Although Xu Qiu just glance at the room, it was enough for her to see the whole room.

There were no people here except for a metal bucket and a washbasin.

She was right. This was a kindergarten, and she was really the only childcare worker here!

It was really difficult to obtain Federal citizenship. One person has to take care of ten cubs, which sounds like a lot of work.

Xu Qiu looked at the small keyhole on the door of the room she just stepped in. Unconsciously she let go of her thoughts, and gradually she was in a daze.

She was thinking about the interstellar people that she saw right after she woke up. The intelligent creatures on every planet were not necessarily in human form. Take the spacecraft that sent her yesterday, for example. Less than nine of the fifty-nine passengers were humanoids, and the others were all in grotesquely shaped or weird looking body.

The guy on the spaceship who wanted to trip her before was also a giant octopus. Under this circumstance, it was a not surprise if the cubs that were sent by the interstellar court whom she need to take care of were not a human child.

But, but!

When she looked at her cub behind the door just now, there was actually a super cute fluffy. Maybe there was more than one!

It’s just that she was attracted by the kitten-like cub at the first glance, and she didn’t have the energy to pay attention to other things around the room.

Thinking of the cute cub who looked at her before, Xu Qiu was so entangled that she could use her toes to dig out an ultra-luxury kindergarten underground!

If the cubs were the offspring of the small octopus, it’s fine. Every cub should have the same treatment. She will definitely be able to treat them with a with peace of mind and work hard to be a mediocre and serious nursery.

However, at the first glance, Xu Qiu’s clam heart was instantly broken.

She had long known that caring for the children would be very hard, but Xu Qiu really wanted to make sure her work meets the standard requirement.

Her mother had always hoped that she could be engaged in the education industry, but Xu Qiu had always refused, because taking care of the children requires too much energy and attention.

She feels that she may not have enough sense of responsibility and cannot treat every child equally.

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