The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 2.2

Xu Qiu was not the only child. She had a younger sister. Her younger sister was more lively, and always got more attention from his parents.

Of course, her parents loved her too, but when Xu Qiu was a child, she still couldn’t control the feeling sad about the partiality of his parents.

Because she had always felt this way, Xu Qiu decided that if she had a child, she would only have one. If she wants to keep a pet, she will only keep one. She was afraid that if there will be two people and she would not be fair.

Xu Qiu thought a lot about it during the journey here. Even if the principal and other colleagues didn’t make things difficult for her, she would take the initiative to take on some hard work such as shoveling shit, and hand over the work of communicating with the cubs to her colleagues.


Now, she did not have to worry that she will be made things difficult for the principal or colleagues, but Xu Qiu feels that the situation was even worse than before!

She was the only one in the kindergarten, now all the work was being thrown at her.

She has to cook for them, put on clothes, take a bath, and shoulder the responsibility of education!

That cub was so cute. How can she show her impartiality?!

Just now, when they first met, did the cubs think she have a mental disorder? No, they still look so small, they don’t know what a mental disorder is.

She felt sorry to behave so badly just now.

Xu Qiu tugged her hair fiercely, thinking that her hair might be messy, and her body has a smell of oily smoke from roasting the potatoes in the kitchen. She turned her head and ran to staff dormitory.

First, she has to take care of her image. At least it was to give these cubs a perfect first impression.

The “cubs” looked at the closed door and they looked at each other.

A fluffy “little yellow chicken” asked the cub in the cell opposite it in a squeaky voice: “Mu Zhi, did your ability fail?  Why did she run away?”
The little bat was hanging upside down on the shelf of the dry tree patted its wings. Its pair of eyes shone like two flawless rubies: “I think it was because she saw that the childcare worker was cute, so she specially let her run away.”

They cannot go out, but they can hear all the movement in the kindergarten.

Today was the first time Xu Qiu has seen these cubs, and it was also the first time the cubs have seen her.

Compared to the childcare workers who came before, Xu Qiu looks too weak and harmless.

She was only as short as the door, and her body was as thin as a quarter of a door. She looks like a legendary human being, and no cub would put such a weak prey in its eyes.

The “bed” in cell No. 4 was a bifurcated log. If they look closely, they will find a large web on the log. A hairy spider slipped from the spider silk. Its round eyes were angry: “You guys don’t talk nonsense. I didn’t let her go. She was so small and she looked like only have bones. There was not enough meat for everyone to eat!”

When Xu Qiu looked over, she thought that there was only a low wall between the dormitory, but it was actually not a wall. Each ” dorm ” was a semi-enclosed cell, except that the materials used to build the cells were transparent and it was made of special materials.

Every cub has a special ring on its leg, wrist, or neck.

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