The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 2.3

If they forcibly break into the cell, these rings will immediately emit high-voltage currents, causing them to instantly lose their ability to move.

The Barren Star Kindergarten should be called Barren Star Prison.

In this broken place, the cubs must obey the instructions of the employee, but no cub will listen to those running dogs.

For so many years, no childcare worker has ever been able to leave here alive.

Mu Zhi from the Cell No. 4 has the ability to deceive people’s hearts. People who see it will look at it as the cutest creature in the world, thus reducing their guard.

The previous few employees were lured by Mu Zhi, to open the door of the cell, and then they die in the hands of other cubs.


But Mu Zhi’s saliva was poisonous and strongly corrosive, if it spits, it may cause the other cubs cannot eat them.

The Federal also sent some highly intelligent android, so that they will not be confused by the cub’s abilities.

It’s a pity that those android, no matter how smart they are, it will be beaten up by the cubs, and those android become scrapped even faster than the childcare workers.

More importantly, if the Federation only uses the android that has no thoughts and feeling, it is impossible for them to achieve their goals.

Ten rooms, ten cubs, and there were only a few active ones. The other few stayed very quietly, licking their fur and sleeping. It seems that the new kindergarten has nothing to do with them.

After being a neighbor for so long, everyone still has a tacit understanding.

At least when it comes to dealing with childcare workers, there will not be any cubs who will stop each other.

After taking a battle bath at the fastest speed, Xu Qiu changed into her only remaining clothes. She tied her hair into a ball hairstyle, and she put on a pair of transparent gloves. After she was mentally prepared, she pushed open the locked door again.

She looked like a warrior on the expedition. She raised her head and chest, strode forward and took out the majesty aura that a childcare worker should have, as she walked inside the narrow path with a straight face.

However, because of her overly young and cute face, even if Xu Qiu put on the most serious face in twenty years she had life, she did not pose even the slightest threat to the weakest cub present.

She walked back and forth on the trail less than ten meters long and unconsciously stopped in front of her favorite fluffy.

She cleared her throat: “Hello, I am a new childcare worker, Xu Qiu. Starting today, I will take care of you for one year.”

There was a basin in each cub dormitory, which looks like the cub’s rice bowl.

But these basins were empty and there was nothing.

She originally wanted to rely on her serious side to deter these little cubs, but looking at these situation, Xu Qiu’s expression couldn’t help but fell.

She didn’t think there was anything wrong when she was looking from outside before. However, when she walked in, she saw every cub looked thinner.

Some of the fluff on their bodies were knotted and looked dirty.

Interstellar kindergarten should be an advance place. There was a half-person-height display screen in front of each room, with the cub’s name, race, preference, and hunger status written on it.

No matter which cub was in front of the signal board, a dazzling red lights were flashing: hungry, hungry, extreme hunger!

The last worker of the Barren Star Kindergarten has been away for more than a month, which has caused the kindergarten equipment to be deterioration for a long time and some minor problems have appeared.

These cubs could not control these bugs, but none of these bugs was being report to the Federation.

There was a fluffy behind Xu Qiu who wanted to size an opportunity to stretch out its wings from the gap in the cell. It quietly stretched out to its prey—this kind of worker who doesn’t seem to have much meat but can fill his stomach.

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