The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 3.1

Xu Qiu didn’t get any response from the cubs after she introduced herself.

It’s okay, right now they are only stranger. If cubs were too enthusiastic, it will look strange.

Xu Qiu comforted herself for a second, and she walked out of the awkward mood.

Anyway, there is no one else here! As long as she doesn’t feel embarrassed, no one can embarrass her!

Now she must solve the problem of feeding the cubs! After all, those bright red hunger states make people feel distressed.

Oh, that’s right, the speaker was working just now. The kindergarten should have food reserved for the cubs.

Maybe it was because the cubs were too small and weak; they don’t know where to get the food. As the result, they are hungry as they are now.

A pair of small mung bean eyes aimed in a direction. The green light spread from its chest to the direction of its wings, and the tender yellow fluffy wings were covered with a layer of gray membrane.


Each feather turns into a sharp weapon, and it can pierce the weak human heart.

Seven to eight pairs of eyes looked at Xu Qiu’s back. This No. 8 was too treacherous to finish the task quickly.

At the moment when the ominous wing reached Xu Qiu’s back, Xu Qiu suddenly bent down, just enough to avoid the steel-shaped wing.

What bad luck! It didn’t expect the opponent to avoid it. As a result, it touched the barrier of the cell because of too much force!

The bug detected a cub “overstep its bounds,” and the electric current were intertwined into a blue network in the air.


The bird’s steel-shaped wing turned back to its original shape. It rolled its eyes, and with a squeak, it fell onto the soft withered grass in Cell No.8.

“Puff puff puff”, “ha ha ha”, “tweet tweet tweet”

The cubs of Barren Star Kindergarten showed a rejoice smiles when they looked at the unlucky guy who was twitching on the ground.

When Xu Qiu stood up, she saw the corner of the kitten’s mouth raised, revealing a small light pink tongue inside. There are also two pointed fangs hidden inside, which showed an extremely obvious smile.

That’s so cute!

This snow-white hair, the exquisite fur that trembles slightly in the air, the delicate small nose, the tiny mouth buried in the fluffy, every feature was like a masterpiece of the creator.

Its eyes were round and large, and its pair of heterochromatic pupils resembled a starry sky full of stars. When it laughed, it opened and closed its eyes, like stars flowing in the Milky Way.

There was such a prosperous and beautiful kitten in this world.

This smiling expression made Xu Qiu unable to restrain exposing her mother’s instinctive smile.

She forcibly suppresses the excitement in her heart and looked at the other cubs.

Although their appearance looked fantastic oddities of every description and have nothing in common with each other, everyone’s face showed a smile from their heart (rejoice in other people’s misfortune smile).

Xu Qiu was very popular with children in the family before, and she never expected this physique to be effective for non-human cubs.

Looking at these adorable smiles, she couldn’t help being a little flattered. Suddenly, she felt full of confidence in the livelihood of being a childcare worker in the future!

Xu Qiu carefully looked at the ground of the little cells of every cub. She did not see the hidden food delivery pipeline.

There were sinks but drinking water alone cannot make them full.

Barren Star Kindergarten was like an abandoned existence, with nothing but a few cubs who unlikely cannot even speak human words.

There was only a small amount of food in the system warehouse. She will reserve a little for seeds and distribute the rest to the cubs.

Xu Qiu will not expose the secrets of the system in front of these cubs.

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