The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 3.2

Although the cubs look like little animals that can’t speak, Xu Qiu knows very well that they were not. Every cub here was the offspring of intelligent creatures from different planets.

She has to go to the kitchen first to avoid the cubs from seeing her getting things out of thin air.

“Everyone wait here first, don’t run around. I will go to the kitchen to find you something to eat.”

The smile brought by the funny performance of the Cell No.8 disappeared from the cubs’ faces.

The latter sentence was ignored by all the cubs. They only listened to the former sentence.

Run? Where can they go?

The childcare worker’s words sounded like a mockery that they were all just the rubbish being kept here.

The cub in Cell No. 3, who had always been reluctant to be nosy suddenly stood up.

The new childcare worker’s expression just now really made it feel disgusting.

That kind of fanatical, loving look was very hypocritical!

Cell No. 3 was Xu Qiu’s favorite little kitten. Its sign says: Bai Sa, Juvenile, Cao Tiankou Star citizen. Bai Cao Tiankou Star ethnic was one of the most powerful planets in the Federation. They were beautiful, formidable, and full of lethality.

The cubs that were sent to the Barren Star Kindergarten this year can be considered being the most destructive group in the kindergarten.

Like the parrot in Cell No. 8 and the bat hanging upside down there, many of the cubs here are all Bai ethnic.

However, Bai Sa has an aloof temperament and rarely meddles in other people’s business. Unexpectedly, it also focused on the childcare worker this time.

Mu Zhi, who originally wanted to have a slice of the pie, slid from the center of the spider web to the top. It gathered its two front paws together, swallowed its saliva, and watched the scene nervously.

The cubs who originally wanted to act stopped.

This new childcare worker, who was watched by Bai Sa, would certainly die very quickly. They would not compete with the strong hunter.

A young and tender, milky voice sounded.
Xu Qiu almost screamed when the voice sounded, just as she was about to leave.

People from different planets naturally spoke in different languages. However, Xu Qiu’s system gobbles up the light brain sent to her by the Federal and simultaneously interpreted the meaning of this voice for Xu Qiu.

“Wait a moment.”

It turned out that the cubs could talk. This thought flashed through Xu Qiu’s mind.

When she turned her head, she saw the adorable little kitten stood up.

The Cao Tiankou Star people love to lick their hair very much. Even if the environment is bad, they will always make sure they are clean. Except for being too slender because of hunger, every inch of cub in Cell No. 3 was snow white.

Its four short legs were also fluffy and seemed very powerful.

Its ears were originally hanging down, but now they were fully erect. The tips of the ears were covered with a thin layer of fluff, which looked comfortable to knead.

Xu Qiu restrain her restless hand, and asked in a pleasant tone: “What’s wrong? Are you alright?”

Bai Sa walked out of the small room, and the ring around its neck surged with a blue electric current at this moment.

Without having permission, the farther the cubs were from their own room, the intensity of the current will continue to increase.

At the beginning, it was as thin as a tread. When it reached Xu Qiu’s side, the current become as thick as a thumb, and it almost reached two-thirds of the width of the collar.

The fur around Bai Sa’s neck stood up under the effect of the electric current and the fur emitted a faint burnt smell.

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