The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 3.3

Bai Sa felt nothing but the other cubs all fell to the ground and twitched just looking at the electric current.

In order to show that it was not harmful, it can actually persist in walking such a long way!

One step, two steps…

Bai Sa and Xu Qiu were getting closer and closer.

Xu Qiu swallowed her silva and her heart beating fast after looking at the “kitten” who was walking towards her with an extremely elegant catwalk.

She wanted to go there quickly, but she felt roots have taken place under her feet, and she wanted to watch the cub walk towards her step by step.

Finally, the distance of fewer than three meters was shortened to twenty centimeters.

Xu Qiu squatted down with no pretensions in order to facilitate the communication between the two of them.


Bai Sa lifted its forelimbs. His shooting speed was among the best in the kindergarten and ten times faster than that stupid bird.

In the eyes of other cubs, Bai Sa’s weapons were the extremely sharp. The claws would swish out from the pink flesh pad.

Just now, Bai Sa used these claws to forcibly tear open the grid barrier above the prison. However, because of hunger, Bai Sa’s strength was greatly reduced, but his ability was still terrifying!

In the next second, the extremely terrifying murder scene would happen!

A cub pretended to cover its face with its paw, leaving a gap for peeping.

Then, Bai Sa’s paw was placed on the hand of the new childcare worker and was held by that very fragile, one-sized hand, held, held…

Two identical little bats fell from their nest in shock, and the twins fell particularly unanimously.

A certain little green snake’s stomach started to grunt because it held himself for a long time. He was reluctant to eat the stolen bird egg all the time, but this time he accidentally swallows the egg.

What’s going on? Why did Bai Sa shake hands with the new worker!

Xu Qiu couldn’t restrain her hand and she squeezed the paw with the pink soft pad.

Ah, it’s soft, and the fur is super smooth to the touch as she imagined! It was as exquisite as silk, and the paw’s pad was soft like cotton candy. She didn’t dare to use force, for fear that it would be deflated with a pinch.

Treat children with the same respect as their peers.

Xu Qiu was reluctant to let go of the little paw in her hand: “Student Bai, may I ask you why you are calling me? “

The system translated the meaning of her words very considerately and synchronously.

Why, when he sticks out his claw, they retracted into the pads uncontrollably?

Bai Sa looked at his pinched paws in disbelief, then raised his head to look at this “fragile and harmless” human.

He tried again and again and found that he had no way to harm the humans in front of him, and his body would not listen to his commands at all!

What exactly did the new worker do to his body?!

The greater Bai Sa’s killing intent, the greater the electric current power. Finally, after reaching his limit, he closed his eyes, tilted his head, and he fainted.

Xu Qiu suddenly panicked.

“Wait a minute, wait a minute, 008 how could this happen? Classmate Bai fainted!”

Where is the doctor?

“Is there a hospital in Barren Star? Can we contact the Federal? 008, you went out to search the map before. Have you found the hospital?”

【Barren Star does not have a doctor. There is only this kindergarten. Don’t be nervous, it should just be starving and dizzy.】

One of the four-leaf clover petals was aimed at the fainted “kitten” and it scanned the kitten’s health.

【Please don’t worry about this host. You just need to feed it some sheep’s milk and it will wake up after a while!】

Last night, when Xu Qiu was resting, 008 was working hard.

The mechanical sound excited.

【Let me tell host good news! The energy core of this kindergarten has been officially integrated by me. The new encyclopedia picture book has been activated. If you light up all the picture, I will have enough energy】

Xu Qiu’s heart jumped half a beat because of this hidden news.

“What do you mean?”

【Barren Star Kindergarten formwork was opened. Please work hard to become an excellent kindergarten principal and recruit more students! Educate outstanding students and build a prosperous Barren Star! Let us tear through the cracks in time and return to the time and space that belongs to you, girl! 】

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