The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 4.1

【The system is replanning the itinerary for the host and now is downloading the 《Wild Star Adventure》 expansion for the host.

Map 1: The Barren Star Kindergarten has been unlocked】

Simple and machine-like commands can make people rebellious. Of course, intelligent systems like 008 will consider its host psychology health, so it makes the entire plan into a game mode.

First, it wanted to interact with Xu Qiu, so that she can feel familiar and warm in this strange time and space. Another reason was this model was more interesting and fulfilling than brainstorming ideas.

A virtual display appeared in front of Xu Qiu’s eyes, and she was the only she one who could see it.

008 helped her to make a new kindergarten’s illustrated handbook profile.

The Cub Illustration Book shows that Xu Qiu has collected ten cubs in total. Each cub was classified according to the room they currently live in, and each cub has their corresponding detailed information.

Most of the information was found by 008 from the kindergarten, but Xu Qiu didn’t have the energy to read it. Who still had the energy to think about it when there was a hungry kitten was lying weakly in her arms?

Xu Qiu took a bottle of goat’s milk out of the system warehouse. Then she supported the kitten with her hand and took her fingers to open its small mouth, which was tightly closed into a narrow slit. She poured goat’s milk over carefully.

She doesn’t know if it’s too hungry. The unconscious kitten’s purse up its mouth and can drink tons of milk. After a while, the goat’s milk went down by half.

The act of breastfeeding alone made Xu Qiu’s maternal love burst. After all, the picture of the kitten drinking milk was too cute, and the kitten also burped a fragrant milk, which was simply adorable.

There were actually several bottles of goat’s milk in the system warehouse, but Xu Qiu didn’t dare to feed all at once. When the bottle in her hand reached the bottom, she gently patted its belly and wanted to put the baby’s feeding bottle aside.

However, the cat’s paws firmly hugged the smooth glass bottle and absolutely refused to let the bottle go.

Even if he closed his eyes tightly and didn’t meow at her, Xu Qiu still couldn’t harden her heart to seize the bottle from his paw.

After a while, she put the little kitten carefully on the woolen mat.

This was a by-product of the sheep raised in the previous system’s ranch.

Xu Qiu read the information of the cubs while she softly pat the kitten’s belly, trying to help the kitten digest the goat’s milk(actually just to satisfy her desire to rub the fluffy).

After all, every cub is a unique and unmatched existence in the world. Since she has assumed the heavy responsibility of the principal, she must understand the habits and preferences of each cub.

The information provided by the system was very detailed.

No. 1: Lily [1]
Gender: Female
Age: Three Years Old
Race: Fox Race
Birthplace: Iceberg and Snow Field
Attribute: Fire
Health Status: Hunger
Special Ability: Flame shoot

Lily’s portrait showed an exquisite little fox. She has red fur, and it was dazzling like a flame.

No. 2: You Yu
Gender: Not yet differentiated
Age: Six Years Old
Race: Yokai [2]

Birthplace: Sea of ​​Forgotten
Attributes: Water
Health Status: Hunger/Suspected of having depression
Special Ability: Sound Wave Attack


[1] The original character is 莉莉 lìlì. The meaning of this word is Lily in English so I’m going to go with Lily’s name.

[2] Yokai is a class of supernatural entities and spirits in Japanese folklore. The word ‘yōkai’ is composed of the kanji for “attractive; calamity” and “apparition; mystery; suspicious.”

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