The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 4.2

You Yu’s icon was a little mermaid. His hair and fishtail color were the same, which was light blue. He was still a six-year-old child, but his eyes were inconsistent with the sadness of a child.

Just looking at the icon on the system illustration, Xu Qiu thought of a lyric inexplicably: It clearly isn’t a rainy day, but my eyes are wet[1].

No. 3: Bai Sa
Gender: Male
Age: Three Years Old
Race: Yokai Race
Birthplace: Lost City
Attribute: Space
Health Status: Hunger
Special Ability: Domain

Don’t look at a certain cat who was fierce. In fact, it was only a three-year-old baby.

Xu Qiu lowered her head and glanced at the little kitten who was lying on his belly. He turned out to be a cute little boy. Bai Sa’s name is also very nice, and his heroic appearance is very suitable for him.

No. 4: Hua Lan
Gender:? ? ?
Age: 100 Years Old
Race: Wisteria Race
Birthplace: Forest of Mist
Attribute: Dark
Health Status: Healthy
Special Ability: Corrode

This was the first healthy cub that Xu Qiu saw. By the way, there was indeed no cub that could be seen next to No. 3. She only saw a plant, no, it was a piece of wood piled in the ground, and a flower bud on her head had not bloomed.

The cub’s sign will flash a red light when they are hungry, but if they are healthy, the display does not remind the worker.

There were quite a lot of woods in every cub’s room. She thought little about it just now. She thought that there were only 9 cubs in 10 rooms. Now, it seems the woods should be the cub named Hua Lan.

Plant cubs only need photosynthesis to live, which is probably the reason why the cub can stay healthy in a group of starving cubs.

Moreover, 100 years old… This cub is older than her grandmother.

Maybe because plants have a long lifespan, and some plants grow very slowly. Perhaps Hua Lan’s race is still a baby at the age of 100.

Xu Qiu looked at the picture book for a long time, but she did not find the cub’s nose and eyes from the plant. It was probably too dark, right?

She then continued to read No. 5 information.

No. 5: Zhu Niang
Gender: Male
Age: Sixteen Years Old
Race: Elf
Birthplace: Thousand Island Lake
Attribute: Water
Health Status: Hunger/Depressive Tendency
Special Ability: Sound Attack

Yes, although he was called Zhu Niang[2], he is a real boy. It was the same creature living in water as You Yu and Zhu Niang might be a clam spirit.

You Yu’s small pond was filled with blue seawater, which was obviously the only authentic marine creature. The water in Zhu Niang’s small pond was transparent, slightly tropical turquoise, and it was obviously freshwater creatures.

There was also a big clamshell in the Zhu Niang Pond, which resembles a beautiful little house.

When Xu Qiu made a tour in Zhu Niang’s room for a moment, the clamshell was tightly closed, but in the illustrated book provided by the system, the clamshell was open.

In this picture, the cub named Zhu Niang sat in the middle of the clamshell, looking at Xu Qiu’s with soft and immature eyes.

The little mermaid is half-man, half-fish, but Zhu Niang is the only one with human form Xu Qiu has seen so far.

The little boy with superbly beautiful features was wearing a light green shirt and white pants on the lower body. It looks a bit like a little pleated skirt, and his two legs were tenderly placed on the edge of the clamshell.

His face outline was very exquisite, but because he was still a cub, he has an obvious baby fat. Zhu Niang’s head was also tied with two round small bags with light green ribbon.


[1] Song by Yan Ren Zhong called You Xie.

[2] His name literally means young lady’s pearl.

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