The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 4.3

Because of his racial talent, his appearance was naturally very outstanding, but his ears were pointed, and he also has a distinct inhuman characteristic.

Zhu Niang was simply the best-looking humanoid cub Xu Qiu has ever seen in her life. It is not an exaggeration to describe it as super-duper cute.

But the depressive state of health in Zhu Niang Illustrated Book looked somewhat dazzling.

Five cubs and two aquatic cubs are depressed. This made Xu Qiu fiercely worried about the mental health of the cubs.

No. 6: Mu Zhi
Gender: Female
Age: Eleven-month-old baby
Race: Zhi Niang
Birthplace: Temple
Attribute: Poison
Health Status: Hunger
Special Ability: Camouflage

Mu Zhi is the ugliest of several cubs. No, there are no ugly cubs. It’s just that Xu Qiu personally doesn’t like spiders very much.


When it comes to Mu Zhi’s attributes, Xu Qiu feels that Zhu Niang’s name is actually more suitable for her, because, from the naked eye, Mu Zhi is a hairy little spider.

She was much larger than the average spider, about one-twentieth the size of Bai Sa size. Probably her size was about as big as Bai Sa’s kitten paw.

Maybe it’s because she was born in a temple. The little spider’s eyes were very clear and even gave people an illusion of holiness. She looked like she was bathed in the light of Buddha, but her poisonous attributes made people even more concerned.

Xu Qiu circled this baby, who is only eleven months old on the small notebook, indicating that she needs to pay more attention to her.

No. 7: Qing Sha
Gender: Male
Age: Six Years Old
Race: Snake
Birthplace: Dead Desert
Attribute: Soil
Health Status: Hunger
Special Ability: Invisible

Xu Qiu didn’t like cold-blooded animals very much either, but she swears that the little green snake with roughly as thick as a thumb in the picture. He looked beautiful with his two cute, peasy eyes.

When she watched the little green snake in his room, he was lounging on a piece of deadwood, with its little tail cocked.

It was not invisible in front of her, probably because it was too hungry and lacking energy.

No. 8: Yuan Jiu
Gender: Male
Age: One Years Old
Race: Psittacidae [1]
Birthplace: Dark Forest
Attribute: Gold
Health status: Hunger/Minor Injury
Special abilities: Metallization

When Xu Qiu stayed in front of Bai Sa, Yuan Jiu’s position was just behind her.

Yuan Jiu’s profile picture was also super-duper cute.

Although there were many cubs, Yuan Jiu is the third most fluffy that Xu Qiu has seen so far!

She knows Yuan Jiu was a small bird when she looked at the picture. Its breed should be a bellflower parrot.

The feathers of the whole body were tender yellow, but the wings were slightly blue. His two eyes are big and round. When he looks with his watery eyes, and they look extremely cute.

No. 9: Ding Ding
Gender: Undecided
Age: Twelve Years Old
Race: Blood Race
Birthplace: Nether Castle
Attribute: Dark
Health Status: Hunger
Special Ability: Mind Reading

No. 10: Dong Dong
Gender: Undecided
Age: Twelve Years Old
Race: Blood
Birthplace: Nether Castle
Attribute: Dark
Health Status: Hunger
Special Ability: Parasitic

Ding Ding and Dong Dong were two little bats. The background of the picture was black, ghostly, and the two eyes were pure black that can absorb everything. They don’t seem to have any luster, but Xu Qiu feels that they must be the two cutest ghosts she has ever seen.

The two cubs look exactly the same. They are twins at first glance.

The ten cubs all have a picture frame in the illustrated handbook, but Xu Qiu noticed that the colors of these frames were actually different.

No.3 Bai Sa, No.4 Hualan, and the twin little bat have a shiny golden border while the others were silver.

After Xu Qiu skim over all the cub information and the system made a ding sound.

【Main Task1: Feed the cubs.

Your cubs are starving. Please prepare suitable food for them and let them fill their stomachs (2/10).

Task reward: 10 character experience, a small hoe to open up land for agriculture.

Current character level: 1 (0/10)】


[1] The family Psittacidae or parrots is one of three families of true parrots. 

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