The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 5.1

The little milk cat was full, and the plants have photosynthesis, making the progress become 2/10.

Although all the cubs were waiting for her to feed them, these cubs are extremely hungry. They would need a lot of food.

“Does the kindergarten have a place to store the food for the cubs?”

Xu Qiu checked all her inventory in the game conveniently.

Because the system needs a lot of energy to travel through time and space, her two farms and pastures were all cleared, and the space returned to the original empty land.

The warehouse previously was completely packed with all kinds of agricultural products and by-products but only a few of them were left when she activated the system.

The only things that were left when she just came to this world and ate were:

16 bottles of goat’s milk, 3 bottles of cow’s milk, 1 packet of wheat seeds (10 pieces), 1 packet of cabbage seeds (20 pieces), 12 potatoes, 3 tomatoes, and 1 pack of rice (100 pieces)


The gold coins in the system mall are also completely emptied.

One potato can be grown into 4 potato sprouts, Xu Qiu originally planned to use them as seeds.

The production rate of crops on the farms and pastures was very slow. How long can she support the cubs with these things?

Xu Qiu’s previous good mood to rub the fluffy was wiped out when she was thinking of the future food shortage situation.

【Doesn’t exist】

The system unhesitatingly gave a very sad answer.

Xu Qiu’s expression instantly became serious.

However, just when her smile collapsed, the system’s voice became cheerful.

【However, the barren star contains abundant energy. As long as the host actively completed the task and successfully improves the barren star condition, the system can use these energies to speed up the growth of the crops!】

008 can only do things within its scope. It’s a hard-working system, but it was just a system that was manufactured after all. It must follow the procedures to help its host.

Why doesn’t the system say it sooner! If the system hadn’t been with Xu Qiu for a long time, she would have beaten it up.

“Their attributes are very special. Can the cubs eat the food produced by the system?”

Kitten and dogs have some food that they cannot eat. Foxe, little mermaid, and clam are not bad. They should be omnivores.

As for the parrot, there were no insects here, but she can feed it some plant seeds.

But can bat and green snake drink goat’s milk?

【The food produced by the system is safe and harmless to all the cubs in the kindergarten.】

Xu Qiu found a large iron basin in the kitchen. She rinsed it with clean water, open the goat milk bottle cap, and poured the goat milk in 16 bottles into the basin.

She decided to pour the goat milk into the cub’s bowl in the middle of the dormitory so that they can drink it by themself.

She made sure none of the goat’s milk would spill and took a few potatoes from the system warehouse. She left two potatoes to plant later.

The potato was made into mashed potato. It would be better if the taste were to be a little salty. It’s a pity she doesn’t have any seasoning.

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