The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 5.3

The new childcare worker was turning her back towards her and she found that the childcare worker has no eyes behind her back. Even if she wants to catch her, when the new childcare worker turns around, she will escape instantly!

Lily didn’t want to eat it, but her stomach was empty for a long time. She has no flesh, and her proud fur was not smooth enough.

If this goes on, she will starve to death.

The little fox rushed over to the basin and put her two paws on the basin.

She buried her head, and a splashing sound could be heard.

The fox’s eyes turned bright.

Lily never drunk this so-called goat’s milk, but it tastes super delicious.


She inexplicably remembered that when she was still very young, she was in her mother’s arms and her mother was breastfeeding her.

Tears fell from the little fox’s beautiful and bright eyes, and it rolled into the goat’s milk basin.

The rooms were all open and Xu Qiu can’t see with her back, but the other cubs that were facing the little fox could see.

The little bat flies in mid-air condescendingly and can see everything clearly: “Smelly fox, you can drink as much as you like. Why do you cry ah!”

For the blood race, their favourite drink was blood.

They can’t drink the other cub’s blood, but the milk smells delicious so without having blood is okay.

Bats were mammals, and as a cub, they also liked to drink milk.

The tears of the fox fell into the basin. It was simply polluting the goat’s milk!

When Xu Qiu heard the movement, she turned around and saw the little fox’s tears were rolling down.

Although Lily was thin and out of shape, she can tell that she was a little beauty by looking at her facial features.

The tears made the hair on the edge of her nose wet. She looked embarrassed and pitiful, making people feel distressed.

Xu Qiu unconsciously wanted to give it a touch to smoothen the little fox’s fur, but Lily immediately jumped away vigilantly.

The system judged that the task was completed by 3/10.

Just a little of goat’s milk. Was the little fox full now?

The other cubs were starving. This would not be a good time to patiently comforted the little fox. She took out the goat’s milk basin and give it to the cub one by one.

She also divided the mashed potatoes into several parts. She took the milk bottle’s cover that had been washed before. She dug a large spoonful of mashed potatoes and placed them next to the cubs.

The cubs were very courageous. They saw that the little fox and the childcare worker were fine and after thinking that they were being trapped in the kindergarten, they lowered their noble heads, trying to drink the goat milk they have never seen before. They also tried to eat the wired-looking mashed potatoes.

Most of the cubs like goat’s milk very much, but You Yu and Zhu Niang show that they preferred mashed potatoes.

To show fairness for fear that Hua Lan would be sad, Xu Qiu gave it a portion of milk and mashed potatoes even if it does not need to eat.

The task progress slowly and became 4/10, 5/10…9/10. It stuck on the last cub.

No. 8 fluffy, Yun Jiu, who was fainted by the electric shock, flew with his wings, puffed his chest, and said fiercely: “Give up! I, Yun Jiu, just starved to death. All my feathers fell out and changed. Even if I become a bald parrot, I absolutely will never drink your milk!”

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