The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 6.1

“Well, you can drink anytime you want.”

Xu Qiu is a gentle childcare worker. She will never force the cubs to do things that they don’t want to do, especially these kind of cute, watery eyes, and fluffy cubs.

There was not much goat’s milk left in the basin. Xu Qiu weighed it with her hand and decided to keep it in Yuan Jiu’s nest.

The cubs’ abilities were very different from Blue Star’s creatures, but they still retain their certain racial habits.

For example, the palm-sized little green snake was completely uninterested in the mashed potatoes. After sniffing it, he didn’t even take a bite of it.

The size of the grid space was the same, but the environmental item and the sink size of each cub was different. For example, the little parrot’s sink size was as big as an adult’s fist.

Xu Qiu stood up and turned on the water switch above the sink. She took out a bundle of wool, dipped it in limescale, and carefully brushed the edge of Yuan Jiu’s sink. She brushed it until the dirt on the sink turns the white wool into jet black. The sink that was made of the bluestone gleamed in the sun. She poured the rest of the goat’s milk into it and made sure that there was no drop of goat’s milk in the basin.


Then she put away the wet wool and took some rice and a dozen precious vegetable seeds from the system warehouse. She sprinkled them on the ground below Yun Jiu.

The little parrot was so frightened that he puffed up his wings and fluttered twice. Then he shifted his position.

She didn’t force him to do anything. She just turned her head, and walked away with the basin.

Yun Jiu’s fur was about to explode!

“Damn it! Damn it! Put this kind of thing from the basin, she wants me to die of thirst!”

There are many items in the kindergarten, and only the childcare worker has the authority to use them. If the cubs touch it, they will be electrocuted.

For example, the switch on the sink. Only Bai Su who dare to resist electric shocks would adjust it and the other doesn’t dare to touch it at all.

Yuan Jiu waited for Xu Qiu’s back to disappear in another section of the door. He waved his wings vigorously and his face puffed up with hunger and thinness.

However, because of the soft-spoken Xu Qiu, the other cubs who had eaten and drank enough ignored him.

It was hard to fly around in the hungry state. Yuan Jiu flew down and his two claws firmly grasped the edge of the sink made of bluestone.

The pure white goat’s milk quivered slightly and there were beautiful ripples.

It smells so good that he wanted to drink it a bit.

Yun Jiu endured it. He just boasted about not drinking this milk in front of so many cubs.

If he eats the other party’s food, doesn’t he look very spineless?

He can hold it back! Yuan Jiu cheered himself up.

The scent continued to penetrate his nose, and his stomach began to growl again.

As long as he bears it and felt hungry for a few hours, his stomach will not make any noise again.

Previously, everyone’s stomachs accompany him to make noise together.

The growling sound was like a symphony, yet he was the only one who was making this sound. Yun Jiu, who was still a baby bird, suddenly understood what loneliness is.

In order to distract himself, Yuan Jiu forced himself to look away.

The ugly vine was next to Yuan Jiu.

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