The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 6.3

Xu Qiu, who was cleaning the kitchen with clean water, received a reminder from the system.

【Main task 1 (10/10) √, the reward has been automatically received by the host. 】

The state of the cubs has changed from hungry to healthy.

However, the depression state on the two cubs has not been eliminated. Bai Sa’s state showed that he needs more sleep, and Hua Lan has a drunk milk state.

It seems that Hua Lan cannot drink milk next time.

A small hoe appeared at Xu Qiu’s feet as the ding-dong sound of task completion sounded.

【Small hoe to open up an agricultural land: Wasteland artifacts, practical effect, five stars】

【Host experience +10. Of course, the role level 2 (0/100) have the upgrade reward which were a bag of fertilizer that can accelerate crop growth and 10 gold coins】

【Main task 2: Sit and eat sooner or later.

Please open up the wasteland for farmland and plant Chinese cabbage. The reward are 20 character experiences and 100 mature cabbages. 】

No matter what kind of game it is, the early rewards usually are generous.

These things were originally the program design that comes with the system itself, but because the game was reset, Xu Qiu needs to go through it again as a novice player.


Unlike her previous world, Xu Qiu didn’t have this small wasteland hoe before.

Her strength hasn’t increased, and her proficiency in farm work hasn’t increased much, but her work was has eased by tenfold with this small hoe.

After completing the system missions for a few hours and unlocking a lot of rewards, Xu Qiu finally got stuck on a certain main task.

Xu Qiu worked hard in the space for a long time. She was exhausted physically and mentally, and her energy reached the limit.

She didn’t care about being dirty. She wiped her sweat, drank a bottle of milk to quench her thirst and she lay half-paralyzed to rest on the woolen mat.

Her current system panel has become:

Host: Xu Qiu

Gender: Female

Age: 22 Years old

Character level: Level 3 (555/1000)

Gold coins: 1020

System warehouse:

Special toolbox

Fertilizer (2 bags of purple fertilizer, 5 bags of blue, 12 bags of green, 20 bags of white)

A small hoe to open up land

A watering can

There are no insects in the space’s pasture, so there is no production of pesticides.


Seed column

Cabbage seeds: 1000

Sprouted potatoes: 88

Tomato seeds: 50

Rice seeds: 1000

Unknown flower seeds: 5

Forage seeds: 100


Crops column

Tomatoes: 100

Potatoes: 440

Fresh potatoes Chinese cabbage: 100 pieces

Poultry feed plant: 55 bundles



Wool: 5 bundles.

Milk: 5 bottles.


Some of the rewards she received from the task and upgrades cannot be used because of her level.

Before the ranch opened, Xu Qiu can’t have any wishful thinking to eat meat.

She looked at the 1,000 gold coin which seems a lot, but she can’t buy anything valuable at all. Not to mention that after she increase her level, she needs to prepare a large amount of gold coins if she wants to open the various functions of the system.

Each time she increases her task level she can enhance her physical fitness, clear her fatigue, increase her physical strength and upper limit of life by five points.

After all, a good manpower requires a sturdy physique.

Every time you increase one level, she needs the experience to increase exponentially. Now Xu Qiu is only level 3, and when she reaches level 5, the system will reopen the pasture.

On account of the additional setting of building the Barren Star, the existence of the cubs has also been systematically planned into the mission.

Only one mission can be opened at a time, and the mission needs to be completed before the next one can be opened. When the character’s level increased to a certain position, Xu Qiu can buy more crops to increase experience and buy more tools in the system store.

Weapons are impossible to exist. The mall only sells all kinds of seeds, crops, fertilizers for acceleration, and some construction supplies.

Right now, she stuck at the Main Task 13, because it was a kindergarten related task.

【Main Task 13: The Barren Star Kindergarten has been old and in a state of disrepair for a long time. The children need a comfortable environment to live in. Please renovate the kindergarten! Unity is strength. This task is a team task and requires at least 5 members to complete it together.】

Xu Qiu silently looked at the little kitten with his belly bulging on the ground.

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