The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 7.1

The kindergarten renovation is a huge project. Despite her desire to provide a comfortable living environment for the cubs right away, Xu Qiu became tired and paralyzed after a few hours of physical labor.

Xu Qiu took a short break. Then she carried the kitten back to the childcare workers’ room, opened the window, and spread out the notebook on the clean table. She then took a pen and scribbled a few lovely characters on the snow-white paper: Plan for kindergarten renovations.

The kindergarten appears dilapidated, but there aren’t many broken things; it’s just too messy.

The gate and fence are critical parts.

A wok for cooking, a stove, and a blunt kitchen knife are the only tools available in the kindergarten.

The kitchen ventilator was broken and cannot be used. She has no idea if there are five iron metal washbasins.

There are also five knee-high buckets, some rusted but barely able to use spanner.

In the nursery room, there is a flashlight, paper, a pen, and ten sets of tattered tables and chairs that are fixed to the ground in the classroom.

There were no tools to sweep the floor, so Xu Qiu crafted one by tying a bunch of wool to a branch.

Near the “student dormitory,” there is a pile of broken copper and iron that resembles a small hill, which resembles a Federation-made robot.


The energy that can be used was absorbed by 008.

She must find a way to lock the door and use a stone to block the broken spot. If no suitable stone is available, simply use the broken robots to compensate.

She didn’t see any other barren star creatures during her two days here, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t danger on this barren planet.

The system’s energy shield can protect her in an emergency, but there is no way to protect all of the cubs.

She also had to clean the rusted door and replace the faded plaque.

Barren Star Kindergarten’s name is unappealing, and it lacks vigor.

She simply called it Sunflower Kindergarten.

She hopes that these cubs will mature smoothly, like sunflowers, always facing the sun and full of vitality.

Following the plan, Xu Qiu added a few words.

Following the plan, Xu Qiu added a few words.

  1. Repair the gate and rename the school Sunflower Kindergarten.
  2. Clean up all the dirt in the cubs’ dormitories.
  3. Create a school plan.
  4. ….

This is yet to be determined and will be added later.

The system is in charge of the high-tech component. What Xu Qiu can do right now is repair, but it is limited to basic beating, sewing, and mending that does not require a lot of technical knowledge.

The goal of the task is to form a team of at least five cubs.

While feeding, she discovered that these cubs had been abused by the previous worker and were hostile to her.

Xu Qiu pitied these cubs and understood their repulsive mentality. She had the time and patience to wait for the cubs’ attitude to change gradually.

It was especially difficult for her to come down cruelly and force these fluffy cubs to work.

That’s right.

She can assign some basic cleaning to the children.

She swept a few dirty rags out from under the nursery’s bed yesterday, which can be used to clean the rags after washing them.

It will be fine to share them at that time.

However, she must consider whether the cubs are engaging in non-cooperative behavior, such as messing with fur and feathers all over the place. It will be a disaster if they do not help her clean the mess.

The system may not calculate the task progress in this case.

At the very least, the cub’s efforts must contribute to the repair of the kindergarten.

If it doesn’t work, then…

Xu Qiu cast a glance at a small cat lying on the table. The cat’s pink pad was unethically exposed while he was drowsy.

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