The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 7.2

A mysterious smile appeared on the girl’s face as she considered what she could do to ensure the cubs’ participation.

It was already dusk of the barren star when Bai Sa awoke from his sleep.

He has been in a state of tension in the year since he was imprisoned in the Barren Star, and he hasn’t slept so soundly for a long time.

He dreamed of his hazy mother, a tender embrace as if he were still in his mother’s womb.

The orange light from the window turned Bai Sa’s snow-white fur a beautiful kumquat color.

The sunset glow is bright but not intense.

Bai Sa sat up on the soft clouds and looked at the incomparably beautiful glow.

He wished he could stay in this warm and comfortable dream without waking up.

The cat was sitting on the woolen nest, quietly watching the sunset on the wooden table next to the bed. The sunset outside the window is lovely, but the scene created by it and the sunset is beautiful in the eyes of those who live behind it.

Xu Qiu’s hands were itchy, but she doesn’t have a mobile phone to take pictures with.

“Does the system have the ability to take photos?”


【The current scene has been captured for you and set as a system boot screen saver. 】

For Xu Qiu, the system created a barren star construction game page, with the background being the endless wasteland outside the Barren Star.
Stones, loess, and smoldering ashes appear desolate and cold.

The background of the page has now been changed to a prosperous beautiful kitty sitting in front of the window watching the sunset, which has piqued Xu Qiu’s interest in opening the “game” several times.

“You only had a glass of milk in the morning. You’re hungry now, aren’t you? Try it out. It consists of cabbage and tomatoes. Everyone has eaten it.”

The materials are now scarce. Xu Qiu had originally planned to make a bowl for each cub, but she lacked the necessary tools.

She cut up fresh cabbage and tomatoes and distributed them to each cub.

They said nothing, and Xu Qiu had no idea whether the cubs preferred raw or cooked food.

Along with raw vegetables, small portions of stir-fried cabbage and tomato soup are prepared. The portion is small because the food is expensive.

To cultivate the virtues of diligence and thrift in the cubs.

She also left Bai Sa an exact food here.

Hers was fried separately, with a bit more oil and salt.

Both the salt and cooking oil for cooking were purchased with gold coins from the system store, and a small jar was provided. A small pot of vegetable oil cost her 500 gold coins, while 100g of salt cost her 100 gold coins.

Xu Qiu carefully poked a few holes in the glass bottle and used the little oil while cooking.

She cleaned each of the cubs’ sinks one by one. The cubs retreated three feet while she was working.

However, based on the images monitored by the system, they appeared to enjoy the clean water tank. After she left, the cubs ate goat’s milk and mashed potatoes.

Of course, the actions of eating were very unsightly.

Xu Qiu decided to wait for the cubs to let go of their guard before beginning to teach the cubs etiquette, thinking of those aliens on the spacecraft who are not much different from human actions except for their appearance.

In terms of food, the cubs can eat whatever Xu Qiu has.

The cubs were excessively hungry. Xu Qiu intended to feed less at first. She would increase the amount of food and make these thin cubs fatter as the stock grew and their stomachs could adapt.

Chubby fluffy is adorable!

When he saw Xu Qiu’s face, Bai Sa realized that this was not a dream. The wool obtained by the childcare worker was under his buttocks, and this was the childcare worker’s room.

The collar from his nightmare was still wrapped around his neck.

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