The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 7.3

Could it be that this thing is broken?

Bai Sa extended his claws towards Xu Qiu, which reawakened the “broken” collar and brought back the familiar tingling sensation in his neck.

Bai Sa ignored her and jumped up and down from the table.

Bai Sa regained some of his previous speed as a result of being full.

The white figure vanished in front of Xu Qiu’s eyes as fast as a meteor.

The system constantly monitors the cubs’ data.

【His speed reached 100km/hour just now】

Norwegian Forest cats are the fastest cats in this world. When it comes to capturing prey, they are extremely explosive and can reach speeds of up to 60km/h.


And Bai Sa is a genuine Bai clan cub.

The cats in the interstellar have most likely undergone special mutations, and these children cannot be judged entirely based on conventional data.

Xu Qiu finally worked up her props before going to bed.

The system noticed that the cubs were much more active after eating.

After eating, the system detected that the cubs were much more lively than before.

Lily said: “Goat’s milk is delicious.”

The little mermaid who dislikes milk speaks gently and softly: “I think tomato soup is delicious.”

“Tomato soup is beautiful!”

“Mashed potatoes are delicious!”

“Cabbage is more delicious!”

After a short day of getting along, the cubs realized that Xu Qiu had done nothing wrong, but had instead delivered delicious food that they had never eaten before.

However, after concluding the debate over which food is more delicious, Hua Lan, the oldest, stated that this is known as sugar-coated bullets.

She only wanted to betray their trust and steal their secrets.

Several cubs murmured and talked privately.

Whether it is bad or not, they are not that stupid.

The feeling of hunger can be upsetting. Let’s talk about the food first. They will not suffer as long as they are more vigilant and united.

“Shhh, she’s here!”

The closed door was opened, and Yun Jiu, who was standing guard on a high vantage point, issued his first warning.

The cubs immediately stopped talking.

As a result, Bai Sa came here rather than Xu Qiu.

“Bai Sa has returned!”

“It appears that Bai Sa is not dead!”

“Bai Sa, did the person give you a small stove1?”

“Bai Sa, unless you want to start with the worker, we said we’d cheat her to eat together.”

What is this called in the world of adults, and what is called sustainable development.


Bai Sa went back to his room and lay down in his nest, ignoring the noisy cubs. He preferred to become accustomed to the hard ground rather than being corroded by the soft cloud-like nest.

“She’s here!”

This time, Xu Qiu really came over.

Her clothes were stained with a lot of colors, and she was holding several boards in her hand, as well as a pot of bright red, strange liquid that looked like blood.

When Bai Sa returned, he appeared drowsy. There were red marks on his paws that looked similar to the thin things in the washbasin. Could it be the blood that has been released from his body?

Yun Jiu flaps his wings and exclaims: 【All alert!】

The new worker finally revealed her true face after feeding them. She planned to kill the cubs at night!

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  1. Small stove was like special treatment.

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