The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 8.1

Xu Qiu placed the board and washbasin. She turned her head and looked back. She then moved the chair that had been placed near the door.

Six boards have been cleaned, and the newly engraved board is leaning against the chair’s footrest.

She sat on the chair, smiling and calling out to the cubs.

“Come here, everyone, and form a line one by one.”

The cubs were motionless as the night wind blew.

Who knew that in the past they would be shocked and their combat effectiveness would continue to worsen? They weren’t that naïve.

After a two-minute stalemate, Xu Qiu sits still in front of them.

She does not know why, in the past, the children would come over as soon as she spoke to them.

Xu Qiu exhaled a sigh. When she was in school, she would pay attention to the teacher.

She walked into Lily’s room first while holding the six polished metal plates and the smallest washbasin filled with bright red liquid.

Bai Sa, who was sleeping with his eyes closed, secretly opened his drooping eyelids and focused intently on Xu Qiu’s movements.

Lily took two steps back.


Yuan Jiu, who had been nervous the entire time, watched and immediately spit: “This little fox is so useless!”

The two armies are in conflict. What is the purpose of it? Is the momentum!

She ran back as soon as Xu Qiu arrived. There is no mighty aura surrounding the cub.

Hearing Yuan Jiu’s words, the little mermaid raised his face and cast a disapproving glance at him.

“I don’t think she would…”

Would not be here to kill them. He didn’t say half a sentence because he was afraid Xu Qiu would hear it.

You Yu’s room is right next door to Lily’s. He is extremely sensitive to human emotions, and Xu Qiu is not malicious.

Xu Qiu positioned the sign so that the words faced Lily.

“Lilly, look, what’s this?”

This metal material is very familiar. 

Lily placed her head on the wall and stared at it for a while after noticing that Xu Qiu had not come over.

She had already eaten Xu Qiu’s food and tried to muster the courage to ask, “Is it the broken robot?”

When the little fox spoke, her ears trembled, making people want to knead it a lot.

The little fox lacks courage and requires affirmation and encouragement. 

Xu Qiu nodded her head in agreement: “Lily is very smart. These are the scraps that have accumulated in the corner.”

“Do you know what our kindergarten used to be called?”

Lily, as expected, did not respond this time.

Xu Qiu was not embarrassed. 

“It’s called Barren Star Kindergarten,” she replied.

She continued, saying: “However, the name is too simple. I don’t think it’s appropriate for your adorable cubs, so I’m going to change the name to the kindergarten today.”

Xu Qiu arranged the six boards on the ground and erected them one by one in front of the cubs.

“There you have it, Sunflower Kindergarten.”

She talked to the cubs in a soft voice: “This kindergarten does not belong solely to me, but to everyone. I believe it is better for everyone to consider the kindergarten’s name. Do you have any ideas?”

What a boring thing to name a kindergarten.

The cubs felt that they couldn’t see through the worker in front of them.

“What is a sunflower?” inquired the brave little bat.

The first board was held up by Xu Qiu.

Besides the word “Flower,” a small flower with a round head is engraved on the metal page.

A round faceplate with a square grid in the center, a thin line, and two leaves beneath.

Although it is very simple, residents of the 21st century can recognize its image at a glance: “This is a sunflower, a flower that rotates in the sun’s direction.”

Xu Qiu stated: “Cubs like you would be out in the sun at seven or eight o’clock in my hometown, full of vigor. Sunflowers are golden-colored flowers that follow the sun. 

The sunflower seeds are represented by the grid on this. The seeds can still be eaten after they have matured.”

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