The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 8.2

Sunflower seeds are delicious after they have been fried.

Many sunflower seeds per catty can be considered a cheap snack when compared to other snacks that are not available in just a few bites.

The key point is that the flavors are diverse, with creamy, green tea, fruity, and a dominant caramel flavor that has been around since the beginning.

Xu Qiu swallowed her saliva, thinking about the snacks she could eat whenever she wanted.

Okay, don’t be greedy in front of children.

She stated solemnly: “Sunflower is a highly ornamental, valuable, and vigorous plant that is always facing the sun. I hope you will be like it.”


“Next we have half an hour. Everyone can put up the name you want, and then we will vote. The name with the most votes will be the new name of the kindergarten in the future. If everyone has no ideas and no other opinions, the new name of the kindergarten is Sunflower Kindergarten.”

Xu Qiu paused and said, yearningly: “You will all mature and become wonderful adults in the future. You can be proud of the Sunflower Kindergarten you attended when you were a child.”

” Idiot.”

What does Xu Qiu’s pride have to do with them?

Bai Sa mused in his heart, not knowing whether or not they could go out, and who would tell strangers the name of their kindergarten.

If he has the opportunity to leave, he hopes that this broken place will vanish forever.

Not all the cubs are Bai Sa, and they discovered that Xu Qiu was not here to kill the cubs, so someone cooperated to give advice.

“I approve of the new name.”

Hua Lan was the first to speak out. As a plant department, he has a good impression of sunflowers after hearing the introduction.

Hua Lan’s small vines began to dangle as he gazed at the patterns painted by Xu Qiu.

He also has flowers, but the flowers haven’t bloomed yet. With a new name, he might be able to bloom a beautiful flower that is bigger than a faceplate, just like this sunflower.

The two brothers, Ding Ding and Dong Dong who prefer the dark, voiced their opposition: “We are against it. Why support the sun? The sun is not good at all.”

They are blood races who don’t fear the sun, but for them, the sun is still very annoying.

Only lunatic kinsmen enjoy going to the sun.

The two little bats exchanged glances and said in unison:  “The kindergarten’s new name should be DingDingDongDong.”

Xu Qiu was not upset. She took out a small notebook and jotted down notes: “Sunflower now has two votes, and DingDingDongDong Kindergarten has two votes. Does anyone else have any suggestions?”

“Why does Sunflower have two votes?” Yuan Jiu, the little parrot, inquired.

“Because I also voted for Sunflower. I am also a member of the kindergarten, and of course I have the right to vote,” Xu Qiu smiled.

It is recommendable for her to join. Otherwise, the score could be 5:5, resulting in a stalemate.

“If no one comments, the name Sunflower will be chosen by default,” she added.

The little bats were not convinced: “Why? It’s not fair!”

All of the cubs expected Xu Qiu to say that because she is a childcare worker, so everyone should listen to her.

But Xu Qiu’s answer was: “I have made a sunflower sign seriously, tried to clean the board, and prepared a new sign to take care of the kindergarten maintenance work. The kindergarten belongs to each of you. Yes, but those who have undertaken the work have more power.”

It is critical to instill in these children a sense of ownership. 

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