The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 8.3

She will be exhausted sooner or later if she and 008 are left alone.

Children don’t have to do much, but they can’t just sit around and do nothing.

She took a look at Ding Ding and Dong Dong: “We are a group of 11 people. 

If more than half of them vote for DingDingDongDong, the kindergarten’s new name will be DingDingDongDong, but these people will have to make a new sign. You can ask for my help, but you must do your own work.”

It doesn’t matter if the cubs have to work against her. The five cubs plus her just surpassed the mission’s requirement of five people.

The cubs exchanged a few glances before bargaining with Xu Qiu: “Then you have to go out, we have to discuss it.”

Of course, not possible to call DingDingDongDong Kindergarten, but sunflowers are not what they want. 

They’d like to see Xu Qiu’s bottom line to see if they can negotiate with her.

This is the first time the cubs have expressed their thoughts to the childcare worker, and Xu Qiu is overjoyed, implying that the cubs have more faith in her.


Xu Qiu set the items in her hand down and was willing to consider other cubs’ points of view: “I’ll give you twenty minutes to talk about it. When the time comes, I’ll knock on the door.”

The cubs sent representatives twenty minutes later, and this time the Zhu Niang who looked the most like a human came out to speak.

“Ten of us, the new name we think of is called the Number One Kindergarten in Universe!” said Zhu Niang, his voice soft and milky.

“Well, since the minority always obeys the majority, I’ll bring another board.”

Xu Qiu turned her head, getting ready to go to the robot garbage dump and look for similar metal brands.

When Xu Qiu left, the cubs displayed incredible expressions: “Really agree? Did she lie to us?

Will the childcare worker be talkative?

Xu Qiu returned twenty minutes later with two new metal plates.

Xu Qiu dragged the seven boards over and then shoveled the original words with the system’s small hoe.

“Do you know how to write?” she inquired of the cubs.

For the first time, the fluffy shook their heads one after the other, feeling embarrassed.

They are a group of uneducated cubs, so no one can write.

Xu Qiu took the tip of the hoe and carved the words “Number One Kindergarten in the Universe” on it.

“This is how you write universal characters in the interstellar, Number One Kindergarten in the Universe.”

The cubs cannot write, but they can count.

Sunflower Kindergarten has six characters, while Number One Kindergarten in the Universe has seven.

“The two in the middle are the first two characters,” said the most knowledgeable cubs Zhu Niang.

Xu Qiu most likely did not deceive them.

Xu Qiu moved to the side and scribbled the small character: Qiu.

“This is my name, Xu Qiu,” she said as she raised the board.

“In this pot, there is the impatiens juice coloring for the new name.”

She mashed up the system’s reward for completing the task and used it as paint.

“Please leave your own mark because it belongs to everyone.”

“But I can’t write.”

You Yu, as a mermaid, is always cold all over, but he feels like his face is hot right now.

He is completely useless.

“There’s no need for you to write.”

“Everyone just needs to leave your own marks next to the new name,” Xu Qiu smiled.

She took out the board she hadn’t moved in a while, dipped her palm into the balsam juice, and then patted a red palm print on it.

“It’s like this here.”

A red, plum-like mark appears on the side of the human palm print. 

The cubs are well-acquainted with one another, and they know who this paw print belongs to.

The cubs’ gazes were drawn to Bai Sa: There is a traitor among us!

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