The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 9.1

Xu Qiu forgets about this because she can’t hide the fact that the person who put the mark is the cat.

When she saw the cubs cast condemning glances at Bai Sa, she cleared her throat and said, “I believe everyone has seen it as well. Classmate Bai left a mark on this, but…”

She postponed her sentence. She explained after they paid attention to her, “I originally left the board at the door to dry. When classmate Bai Sa ran by, he left this lovely mark on it, resembling a plum blossom. After this beautiful and domineering mark was left, I came up with this idea to allow everyone to leave their own marks on the signboard.”

Of course, that is not the case. 

Bai Sa ran so quickly, when he arrived at the door. She pressed such clear paw prints while the kitten was sleeping, of course. A small, cute cat’s paw was pressed not only on the board but also on her notebook.

Children must be praised. Bai Sa’s tail, which had been cocked up in anger, fell obediently after Xu Qiu emphasised the beauty and domineering mark, and the tip of his tail with snow-white fur wagged twice in a good mood.


Seeing the cubs’ surprised expressions, Xu Qiu continued, “You are the first batch of students in the universe’s number one kindergarten.  

When you have time to return in the future, these will be a nice memento.”

According to the federation, she can get citizenship if she stays in the country for one year.

However, one year is an insufficient time for the system to transport her through time and space and return her to the past. 

It’s possible that Xu Qiu will spend a long time on this planet.

Raise a bunch of fluffy and then send them all away.

This time, the cubs have come to an agreement. If they can go out, who will come back to such a shabby place?

Seeing the cubs’ disapproval, Xu Qiu changed the subject: “Okay, it’s going to be bedtime soon. Everyone, hurry and leave their own mark in order. When you sleep, the colour will be dry from the wind.”

The cubs didn’t have much of an objection this time, but no one came up.

Xu Qiu gave them a suspicious look.

“The head of the kindergarten instruction has been detected, please confirm,” said the sign that was originally standing outside the kindergarten to monitor the cubs.

They were all mechanical sounds, with no fluctuating tones, but Xu Qiu recognised them. 

It sounded like her system was making a noise.

In her mind, 008 guided Xu Qiu.

【New side task, side task 1: Become the principal of the first kindergarten in the universe and get the permission of the principal】

The loud noise drew the attention of all the cubs. 

They all stared at the obnoxious sign until they noticed Xu Qiu walking over to the green-lit sign and entering her fingerprints, palm prints, voice, and pupils into the scanner.

【Please place your index finger in the green area and enter your fingerprint】 

【Please enter your fingerprint again】

【Please put your right hand on the green area】

Xu Qiu noticed that her information had been officially entered into the kindergarten’s intelligent system about five minutes later.

Xu Qiu smoothly changed the name of the kindergarten after obtaining the highest authority.

There are only four new side quests.

The goal is to become the principal, take over the authority, explore the principal’s authority, and change the name of the kindergarten.

The side missions drop a small number of gold coins, some plant seeds, and the ultimate reward: a set of painting tools.

The system generates a painting tool the size of a milk powder can, with a natural rubber lid.

The elastic rubber cover is divided into four equal parts, each with a different colour: red, yellow, blue, and white.

The three primary colours represent the three raw materials, and the white box contains brushes of various sizes with both hard and soft bristles.

She cracks open the rubber and pours the paint out.

Xu Qiu can teach the cubs to draw with this paint.

The pigments produced by the system are plant extracts that are pure, natural, and pollution-free, and will not harm the cubs’ delicate skin.

Xu Qiu quickly browsed the system permissions in order to complete the task as soon as possible.

The kindergarten system is fairly straightforward, with the main content divided into three sections.

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