The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 9.2

Energy section: The main switches for water, electricity, and gas in the kindergarten are all in this system. Some energized equipment, such as the projection equipment in the classroom, and the big speakers in the kindergarten, are all included in this section.

Personnel section: Staff salaries, control section, and detailed information about the cubs are stored in the form of tables in this part of the database.

External sections: Distress system, networking section.

The interstellar network is not much different from the 21st century world, but the range network is larger.

In Xu Qiu’s era, the Internet was only in the Blue Star, but the Star Network communicated with several galaxies.


Xu Qiu can make purchases on the Star Network, as well as seek help from the interstellar police and hire a doctor.

However, the cost of a doctor’s visit is outrageously high. If the cubs become ill, Xu Qiu cannot afford to take them to the doctor.

If there are no conditions, she can make them herself.

There is a lot of information on the Star Network, and she needs to hurry and study on her own.

Xu Qiu initially used an unregistered resident account, and after entering the information, her personal terminal provided only a limited amount of help.

After she purchased the large waterproof and fireproof box, as well as clothing, food, and other daily necessities, the relief funds were reduced to a pitiful single digit.

Xu Qiu checks the money in the kindergarten and finds only a pitiful few hundred.

The only good news is that this kindergarten now owns this worthless barren star.

If Xu Qiu finds any resources on the barren star, she can sell them under the guise of a kindergarten in order to get the daily necessities the cubs require.

Xu Qiu let out a sigh of relief.

Even though there is nothing on the barren star, there is 008. 

Maybe she’ll be able to sell some of her extra crops by then.

She needs new clothes, and the cubs’ living conditions are too painful.

After looking through the items, Xu Qiu discovered that she could not afford them.

Xu Qiu tested other system functions after reluctantly exiting the shopping page.

The control section is a function in the personnel section.

What is written above is: control the amount of electricity, control the range of access. This page is linked to the cubs’ information. If the energy page has a very detailed control circuit section, why does the personnel data have duplicate functions?

Xu Qiu thought it was a little strange and tried to operate it.

First, she operated the energy section, and the lights in the kindergarten dormitory were turned on.

However, three of the ten lights were broken.

Xu Qiu then navigated to the personnel information page and clicked to control the battery.

The pages that control the battery all display the following information: Off.

When Xu Qiu shifted into first gear, the little fox screamed, and Lily hugged her tail.

She hurriedly asked: “What’s the matter?”

“You only pretend to be a good person!” The cubs, who had finally improved their attitude, glared at her.

A terrible thought flashed through Xu Qiu’s mind.

She quickly turned off the battery, and Lily’s yelling stopped.

She vowed never to touch the battery again. 

She examined the control area, then went to the detailed page, where she discovered that the activity area was set in a small square.

Lily’s range of activities corresponds to the map’s small square No. 1.

The cubs have been hiding in a small area with no cover, but they have never come out.

Between the flashes of lightning, Xu Qiu suddenly realized something.

Lily has just received “punishment,” and she is doing things she should not do.

She looked at Bai Sa, who had come out before, showing that the current might not have that much effect on him.

She expanded the cubs’ range of activities to encompass the entire kindergarten.

“Lily, I’m sorry, I adjusted the battery switch without realizing it, I’m sorry!” says Xu Qiu seriously.

She bowed to Lily, her clear but firm eyes refusing to budge.

She looked directly at these cubs and said earnestly. “I expanded the range of activities for all the cubs to include the entire kindergarten. Prior to that, you may not leave your dormitory. I’m not sure if this control page is what I think it is, and I’m not familiar with it. But I hope you can trust my sincerity. More than anyone else, I hope that everyone grows up happy and healthy.”

Xu Qiu expected Bai Sa’s response: “Bai Sa, you are an excellent boy who is very manly. Are you willing to take a brave step outside the dormitory for everyone?”

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