The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 11.1

For an hour, the cubs cried. During this time, Xu Qiu hung the new sign on the kindergarten’s gate and completed the new tasks that were assigned to her.

The clock struck twelve o’clock; the night was dark, and the huge moon hung high in the sky, enveloping the entire kindergarten in a gentle silver brilliance.

In a serious tone over the loudspeaker, Xu Qiu said, “It’s time for sleep. Please return to your dorm on time, and in the last ten minutes, I will narrow the scope to everyone’s accommodation area.”

Xu Qiu intends to extend the scope of the night to the accommodation area in order to allow the cubs to move normally and communicate with one another.

If the cubs fight or engage in other bad-scene behavior, Xu Qiu will further restrict the cubs’ activities if they have done something wrong in a short time. As a form of punishment.


The cubs must realize their mistakes, and she must inform them of what they may not do.

If these cubs have extraordinary abilities and refuse to admit their mistake, they may grow into dangerous adults.

Although each cub is adorable, most of the children lack self-control. It is still necessary to take harsh measures in order to guide them to becoming responsible adults.

When all the cubs returned to their residence, Xu Qiu’s voice became much softer: “Tonight, I wish everyone a pleasant dream. I’m going to give everyone a two-day break. The day after tomorrow, we will go to the classroom in accordance with the content of the class schedule.”

The cubs had not completely recovered from their excitement after Xu Qiu’s voice had vanished.

Yuan Jiu flew over to the little mermaid after discovering that he could move to a relatively large area.

“You Yu, don’t cry next time. Whenever you cry, we will follow.”

“I’m sorry, everyone.”

The little mermaid’s eyes were red, and she appeared very moved and pitiful, and everyone wanted to hug her and comfort her.

However, the species of these cubs in this kindergarten are not the same. They’re all babies, and they don’t know what it means to have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex.

For half an hour, the cubs chattered, and the horn made another warning sound.

[No. 8: Please return to your place as soon as possible and do not disturb other students who are trying to sleep.]

The lights that had been turned on all went out in an instant, and the kindergarten dormitory area returned to darkness.

Xu Qiu had a good dream at night in the small childcare worker’s lounge, most likely because she successfully vented the negative emotions in his heart.

She had a dream that she had returned home and that her mother was busy in the kitchen preparing a hearty meal for her.

Xu Qiu wakes up starving. The next day was bright and sunny. 

When she opened her eyes, she was met with a strange and familiar scene.

She was still in the barren star and couldn’t get back home.

Xu Qiu threw away the slight feeling of loss and eagerly began the task of system release.

She expanded the range of activities for the cubs after they awoke, allowing them to move freely throughout the kindergarten.

She will speak through the kindergarten’s loudspeaker whenever she has an order.

She wishes to keep the image of a good speaker in the hearts of the cubs.

Xu Qiu marked out a section of the area in front of the cubs after feeding them breakfast.

“This is our farmland, and I plan to grow vegetables there in the future. When playing, everyone should be cautious of their surroundings and avoid causing damage to the land.”

She raised her voice: “If you hear what I’m saying, respond loudly. Did you hear what I said?”

“I heard it!”

Xu Qiu might have locked them up, but this time the cubs cooperated very well with her.

She quickly turned the ground into farmland with a small hoe.

The system reminds Xu Qiu

[Main task 28: Possess with 4 pieces of field (outside), host experience +1000, upgrade to level 5, reward two hens, one ranch.

[Main task 29: establish a ranch (outside)]

In addition to the farm and ranch built-in system space, the system assigned a task to Xu Qiu to build the same building inside the kindergarten in order to systematically issue rewards and access system warehouse items.

Xu Qiu created six square meters of fields inside the kindergarten in two days, where she would try to cultivate fresh vegetables. 


The author didn’t specifically say You Yu, Hua Lan, Ding Ding, and Dong Dong gender.
So I’m going to use he for Hua Lan, Ding Ding, and Dong Dong. As for You Yu, I’m going to use she because the author use [怜香惜玉 = to have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex (idiom)] towards You Yu. In chapter 10 the author also said that Zhu Niang and You Yu were like siblings. In the Chinese sentence, it can be said to be like brother and sister.

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