The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 11.2

She plans to encircle a small pasture with discarded metal sheets, near to the fields, to temporarily raise some small animals.

The two hens rewarded by the system were thrown into this extremely simple, small ranch by Xu Qiu.

[Once the host is upgraded, the kindergarten’s scope can be expanded, and we can cultivate the farmland outside and expand the farm!]

Of course, the system’s internal space is limited, and its original plan was to turn the barren star into a prosperous little planet. It must expand the related facilities in the external world.

The space’s pastures are left unused. On the first level, each pasture can only have two crops. They can continue to reproduce after they have matured and been harvested.

Animals, unlike plants, do not currently have special fertilizers that can speed up their growth speed, and the flow of time is the same as it is in reality.


Farms and pastures outside the system space are not constrained by hierarchy and can raise plants in as many places as possible.

On the third day of kindergarten, Xu Qiu recalled her childhood. The parents of the cubs were obviously not responsible. She stayed at this location for several days and did not see any adults who came to pick up their children.

She thinks of it as a kindergarten with a boarding system.

In her spare time, Xu Qiu wrote a nearly 3,000-word plan to help these cubs grow physically, mentally, and happily.

The first is diet.

She must ensure that the cubs eat a well-balanced diet under suitable conditions.

The system sent a very considerate portion of the reward after a long period of hard work and after the farm was opened.

So far, the inventory of cow’s milk and goat’s milk has reached 100 bottles. 

When the ranch was opened, the mall opened the corresponding tasks at the same time.

Cow’s milk and goat’s milk are still in short supply, and she is unable to provide a long-term supply of dairy products to the children.

These items can be resold on the Star Network, but because of transportation issues, the barren star does not offer free shipping, and buying food on the Internet is prohibitively expensive.

Xu Qiu took a part of the milk and decided to make all the dairy products currently in stock into milk tablets.

The task of making milk tablets was put in the cooking class.

When Xu Qiu was young, she didn’t learn anything too advanced.

So the lessons for the cubs don’t need to be too difficult.

The first is the schedule of courses.

The root system monitors the content of this Star. The similarity between revolution and rotation speed is relatively high. The time on the barren star is not much different from that of the Blue Star.

A year is divided into four seasons, and 360 days are exactly 30 days a month.

The four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter on the barren star are more obvious. Considering the comfort level, Xu Qiu sets January to February as a winter vacation and July-August as a summer vacation for kindergartens.

Seven days a week, there are classes from Monday to Friday, and there are no classes from Saturday to Sunday.

According to the system, once she has reached a certain level, the kindergarten will be able to begin the upgrade task, which will broaden activities for the cubs, and she will be able to organize outdoor activities such as outings.

Every morning, breakfast is served promptly at 7 am, and classes begin promptly at 7:30 a.m.

She would teach the children to read and write in the morning.

In the afternoon, they will attend mathematics, followed by music, painting, and physical education classes.

The music lesson comprises simple singing and dancing.

After all, there is no musical instrument, and she, as a childcare worker, does not have many skills.

Xu Qiu looked at and discovered that there were still many high-end courses available for this era’s cubs.

After a few hours of watching the video with gusto, Xu Qiu turned around to look at the kindergarten. 

Their kindergarten’s hardware was deplorable. 

She was heartbroken for these young children.

But it doesn’t matter. 

As long as she works hard enough, the other cubs will have what they have in other kindergartens.

Xu Qiu finished her lesson plan. 

Tomorrow is the first day of kindergarten. 

She needs to get the cubs off to a good start.

The plan was excellent, but when she awoke the next morning, there had been an accident.

Uninvited visitors came to this run-down, deserted kindergarten.

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