The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 12.2

Is it possible that there are other people in this world that can deal with this kindergarten other than them?

“Yes, this is where we work,” the man says, with a very subtle, expression but a firm tone.

When Jasper arrived at the gate, he saw that the original iron gate had been closed from the inside.

He attempted to shake the lock, but it remained unmoved, to his surprise.

He pulled out his tool to pick the lock, but it still wouldn’t open.

He activated the robot, and the robot’s hand transformed into a light saber, slashing the door open.

The door opened this time.

The lock stayed motionless, but the iron door broke in half and shattered on the floor.

“Jasper, wouldn’t it be too bad for us to do this?” Donald was taken aback.


Isn’t the purpose of their service to construct the kindergarten? It’s impolite.

“What sort of etiquette to say in such a place? If you don’t finish the work quickly, it will postpone the time and impact our return travel.” the latter rolled his eyes.

Jasper snatched the previous lock from the ground, feigned not to notice, and stuffed it into his pocket.

It’s possible that the lock that the robot’s light saber can’t open is made of an extremely valuable, unique metal.

When the gate fell, 008 sent Xu Qiu a warning sound.

[Enable the foreign enemy invasion feature (0/6): Reward the robot modification manual, a robot modification toolbox, and a door]

There are six foreign foes!

Xu Qiu, who was planning to give the cubs their first day of school training, suddenly stood up and adjusted the range of activities of all the cubs to the whole kindergarten on the little display screen.

The expression on Xu Qiu’s face is gloomy and solemn: “It’s possible that there are terrible people in the kindergarten. I’ll do everything I can to keep them away, but everyone needs to hide and defend themselves.”

She took two heavy breaths, rushed out, and grabbed the five-star tiny hoe that was incredibly easy to operate.

The cubs stared at each other as they peered at Xu Qiu’s back.

“Is she a bit stupid? They’re all weak like her. I can beat ten of them,” Little bat Ding Ding stated.

It’s absurd that such a frail human person dashes in front of them, putting their lives in jeopardy.

Xu Qiu, who dashed out, came face to face with two guys and a swarm of robots.

Both parties became inert.

Xu Qiu stood far away to say hello, fearful of any uncertainty that her actions might cause.

“Hello, I’m a childcare worker at this place. What are your names, you two?” The two grown guys exchanged glances.

It is their responsibility to gather the bodies for the childcare staff.

After all, the ecosystem on this planet is actually very fragile. The asteroid will be troubled if the bodies of the deceased workers decay here.

This is their first encounter with a live childcare worker.

“What to do?” inquired the younger man, perplexed.

“What more can we do? We have to finish our own task,” the latter said, taking a big breath.

Their job is to deal with the bodies of non-robotic childcare workers.

The childcare workers basically disappeared after two days of coming to this kindergarten.   They arrived a little later this time.

Since they collected the corpses for the childcare workers, they had to hand in the corpses.

Because these deceased childcare workers will be exploited as test subjects by those in power.

The cubs’ scars on these humans, as well as their talents, will be transformed into cold data and stored in those unique files.

If they are ignored, they will not be able to return to their lives smoothly.

It’s just a bunch of little people, whether it’s Donald or Jasper. If they wanted to get involved in the affairs of those above them, it would be too much bother.

It doesn’t matter if they don’t know why the girl in front of them was fortunate enough to survive. She’ll be able to dwell in heaven soon.

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