The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 13.1

Although the two men in front of them didn’t appear to be the violent, the system had never made a mistake.

Xu Qiu’s mind raced during the confrontation, trying to figure out who the person in front of her was.

Is it a thief of stars?

Both males appear to be incredibly strong, whether the younger or older one.

Their arms are bulging, and their powerful muscles appear to be bursting with terrible energy.

That arm can twist ten of hers for a girl like her.

Her little kindergarten is in disarray and underfunded. There is nothing valuable, and nothing worth robbing.


Simply by looking at the two people’s clothing, whether it’s a helmet or a weapon slung around their waists, she can tell that their lives are far better than her and the cubs’.

The cubs only showed a noticeable improvement in their complexion after two days of meticulous care, but they are still skinny.

If she can pass herself off as a vulnerable woman, this violent male will relax his guard.

Xu Qiu swallowed her discontent, tucked her small hoe behind her back, and inhaled deeply. She kept her emotions in check and asked, politely: “This kindergarten is under my supervision. May I inquire why you two came to our kindergarten? Is there anything that needs to be fixed?”

Her voice was soft and timid, and she made every effort to project a timid and harmless demeanour.

The enemy and she are currently separated by a large gap. She can allow the other party to reduce their vigilance by disguising herself.

Xu Qiu’s heart pumped rapidly, and she mentally prepared herself for the worst.

She would have to leave all the food in the system’s inventory to the cubs if she failed to repel the enemy and was murdered by the two men in front of her.

The cubs have been eating a lot lately and appear to be a little fatter than before. Their powers are more powerful than before, and they should be able to defend themselves.

The two men took two steps forward, and the robot behind them also took two steps forward.

Xu Qiu took two steps back, leaning as much as possible against the corner pillar’s edge.

In the line of sight, this type of corner is hidden. In case of a fight, at least she will not fall so fast.

Jasper wasn’t sure if the girl in front of them was a childcare worker before Xu Qiu spoke, but after Xu Qiu spoke, he made up his mind that he would surely deal with this problem.

The handsome man twitched his mouth and attempted to squeeze a kind smile: “Hello, we are visitors sent by the Federal Court, primarily to check whether the childcare workers are doing their job well.”

When he saw the closed door, he made a heartfelt decision.

Because she didn’t approach the danger zone behind her, the little girl in front of him must have survived.

He had intended to grab Xu Qiu and toss her to the danger zone.

It doesn’t seem so bad now; as long as she’s led to the places where the cubs live, she’ll be torn apart in no time.

After taking two small steps forward, Xu Qiu could see the position behind them that had been blocked by the man.

Someone who knew a little etiquette wouldn’t be able to do such a thing if the door she had brushed with paint dropped behind these guys.

Xu Qiu wasn’t sure if her expression was stiff, but she gave it her all, displaying her best acting talents with a slightly overdone face of excitement.

“Really, that’s great. I haven’t seen a colleague since I’ve been here for so long.”

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