The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 13.2

She took a quick look into the workers’ room: “I didn’t notice anything when I arrived. I thought the Federal Court had made a mistake. Do you have any idea where the cubs who need my care have gone?”

Xu Qiu put her hand to cover her stomach and stated, in a weaker voice, after stating this with a little excitement: “I’ve been hungry for two days and have only had water to drink. Have you brought anything to eat? My stomach is rumbling with hunger.”

When the opposite group arrives, they should bring food. If she eats a tiny portion of food, the two of them will eat less at the same time.

Although the task of repelling the enemy is (0/6), the robots behind them should not attack humans unless they have received instructions from humans.

Xu Qiu wants to beat one first since the difficulty is too great.

The image of her confrontation with the outsider fell to the cubs’ eyes.

The cubs were unconcerned with the two strong-looking adult men and the four new robots once they were set free.

But at the time, they were all huddled together in front of the back display, keeping an eye on Xu Qiu and the outsiders.


“Let me just say it, humans can deceive others.”

There is a big wall between them and the rest of the cubs. People outside can’t hear them as long as there’s no loud noise. “I don’t think she’s as horrible as you described.”

“She just asked us to hide.” You Yu, who had been lovingly embraced by Xu Qiu that day, countered.

Lying does not make her a horrible person; after all, she has lied, and she has lied multiple times.

“Smelly bird, you hate her so much in your mouth, and I’ve never seen you eat less when eating.”

“They’re not the same thing.” Yuan Jiu remained silent for a moment before saying, “It’s not that you hate her, it’s that you hate all humans. Could it be that you like her?”

“We are not as dark as you.”

The brothers Ding Ding and Dong Dong speak at the same time.

“This new childcare worker is much better than the previous ones,” Ding Ding, the older brother, stated.

“You’re right.”

“If she dies, the people that follow after her will most likely be the same as they were before.”

“That’s it.” Another small bat continued to nod in the same way.

“If she keeps acting like this, we’ll be able to get out of here eventually if we eat well and replenish our energies.”

“You’re right.”

“Won’t you say something else? Don’t you keep chatting behind my back?”

“Yes, yes,” says the little one once again.

“Brother, what you mean is what I mean,” the small bat quickly interjected.

Yuan Jiu stopped speaking and spit a few seeds from its cheeks.

The things that person gave them were indeed good things.

But can we put our trust in them once more?

Yuan Jiu kissed his body, a piece of bare flesh covered tightly by the soft feathers.

The hue is pink, but it has a tangle of horrible and unsightly scars on it, which makes it look disgusting.

He couldn’t steel himself all over because he was a cub, so that area was severely damaged.

During this time, he has improved his eating patterns and regained some of his powers, but the area where he was hurt has not recovered and will remain so for the rest of his life.

He had previously trusted a human being who was a stunning young woman, similar to a new childcare worker, with crescent-shaped eyes.

His feathers were as beautiful as his hair, which was a dazzling gold colour.

She has the appearance of a small angel and will discover delicious seeds for him.

Yuan jiu’s existence will be predetermined from the moment they are hatched from the egg, and when they grow up, they will enter into a contract with a specific race and become a partner who battles with them, acting as their wings.

However, as technology advances, their presence with feathers is becoming less important.

They have organic armour and spacecraft.

Every single one of his partners is a liar.

“I think she’s quite decent, too. She reminds me a little of my mother,” the small fox with more delicate emotions murmured.

“I remember your mother shouldn’t grow up like this,” Yuan Jiu replied. The mother of the tiny fox is a bright and lovely woman who looks nothing like Xu Qiu.

“It’s a feeling, a feeling.”

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