The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 13.3

Lily had almost forgotten what her mother looked like after being separated from her parents for so long.

But in Lily’s imagination, her mother is very gentle.

“Bai Sa, what do you think?”

It’s difficult to conceal this kind of affection. Although the new childcare provider is attempting to be fair and just, humans are biassed.


Bai Sa, Yuan Jiu, and the small fox Lily are cuter and more popular.

Mu Zhi, who has excellent eyesight, can see everything well. Sometimes the childcare worker sneaks a bit of her own food into Bai Sa’s food!

“Look at the situation first.”

“We have to make her suffer a little,” Bai Sa explained.

“This way, she’ll be more on our side.” Cats have always been cunning:

He had a gut feeling that Xu Qiu was a bad guy. It is not the same as the previous childcare worker.

However, the time she spent with them was insufficient. He knew people, but not her heart, and she was still in her cubs’ observation period.

“It makes sense, so let’s not move?”

Donald fixed his gaze on the young woman in front of him.

This unregistered resident childcare worker is young, attractive, and charming.

Her hair and eyes are midnight blue, her complexion is as white as cake cream, and her lips are plump and soft as the red strawberry inlaid on the cake.

The tiny girl’s arms and calves are thin, and she wears a plaid coat that makes her look like a completely innocent little lamb.

She is small, has a sweet face, and every aspect of her body is lovely. She has slightly rounded brows and is as sweet and innocent as a small girl, as well as exceedingly kind.

This is obviously a pretty little girl, clean and pure, making people reluctant to ruin this beauty.

“Jasper, she looks about the same age as Mary, otherwise let said the kindergarten was blown away by the wind and sand,” Donald, who received the message from his companion, couldn’t help but utter something unbearable.

“Then what do you plan to do when the new childcare worker comes over and discovers this situation?” Jasper asked, taking a big breath.

“Anyway, this isn’t something we should do; all we have to do now is toss her over, and the robot will take her out.”

The cubs who are imprisoned have a low mortality rate, but those who do not receive follow-up care will die.

“Besides, you do not know that these childcare workers aren’t completely innocent.”

The childcare workers were killed by the cubs, not by them.

Some cubs here are big figures in the interstellar.

These words were spoken in the local language, not the interstellar language.

They assumed Xu Qiu didn’t understood, but the system provided a translation in a timely manner.

Xu Qiu’s face grew uncontrollably ugly, and she hurriedly buried her head to control her emotions.

These guys are incapable of harming the cubs in any way.

The red-brown-haired young man’s complexion changed once more, and despite his feelings that the cute little girl in front of him was a pity, he ultimately follow the the predecessors who were more familiar and close to him.

“I’ll get you something to eat.”

He agreed with his companion’s decision.

As if fearing that his companion’s brain might burst out of the water and obstruct him, as soon as Donald walked out the door, the blond man’s face sank. He chose to deal with Xu Qiu simply and elegantly.

Xu Qiu raised the hidden hoe to vigorously beat the approaching person.

The strong man thumped and fell down in front of her before she could swing her hoe.

Xu Qiu was taken aback, seriously suspecting that the other party had come to touch porcelain, not to cause trouble!

[Knockback the enemy (1/6)]

With the prompt sound from the system, a little figure emerged from the man.

Green body with slender stripes and peasy eyes.

The small snake opened his mouth, and a massive amount of sand shot out, burying the fallen blond man directly.

“It’s Qing Sha!” exclaims the narrator.

“Can you tell me when he went there?”

“I’m not sure?”

Qing Sha has the ability to be invisible, and they have no awareness of his own presence. The cubs did not forcefully gather, so no one knew when he went there.

The cubs were taken aback. This time, there really seemed to be a traitor among them!

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