The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 14.1

Xu Qiu’s heart skipped a beat when she heard the task’s progress and asked the system, “Is that person dead?”

She examined the swelling sand pile, wondering whether someone had died and left a sand cemetery.

Xu Qiu couldn’t help but look at the skinny little green snake. Qing Sha is a perfect match for the funeral industry. If he works in this field, he will undoubtedly become an excellent funeral director!

The man buried beneath the sand was scanned by the system.


[Not dead, just lost offensive ability]

Qing Sha’s teeth are poisoned, and a bite from him could easily kill a weak person like Xu Qiu, but this extremely violent man had a body several times stronger than Xu Qiu, so he was simply paralysed and unconscious.

Even without the heavy sand pressing down on this person, the poison of Qing Sha is enough to knock him out.

What the system cannot mention is that if one person is left alone, he will die.

In this state, Xu Qiu could easily knock the person down.

The little green snake hiccuped when he saw Xu Qiu staring at him, then rushed over like an arrow off the string, landing solidly on Xu Qiu’s wrist.

Wrapped around her wrist, turning and twisting.

Xu Qiu’s arms were frail, and the little green snake wrapped around her arm three times before completely encircling her elbow.

The light green stripes contrasted with her skin’s whiteness, giving her the appearance of a lovely green bracelet with a unique shape.

The skin of the little green snake differs from that of other snakes, and it lacks the slippery sensation on its body.

Not only did it resemble a jade stone, but each scale piece was meticulously organised, and the touch was icy, similar to the jade bracelet presented to her by Xu Qiu’s grandmother during her adulthood ceremony.

Xu Qiu examined the small green snake that was wrapped around her wrist. It had a fairly flat belly all the time. She didn’t know how he could spit out so much yellow sand with his frail physique. Is it similar to Doraemon? The belly is an enigmatic, multi-dimensional region.

[It’s a skill, it’s a skill!]

Every cub here cannot be judged by Xu Qiu’s scientific knowledge.

Xu Qiu examined the “green bracelet” she wore on her wrist. She didn’t care for this icy, slippery creature in the past, but she was countless times weaker than the enemy when she first confronted danger. Her life was rescued by the small green snake who dashed out.

When the man rushed over, she was really taken aback, and she was ready to defeat herself.

When the other person collapsed and Qing Sha was on the man’s body, tilting his head at her, she relaxed her entire heart, and a deep emotion surfaced out of nowhere.

She had a feeling at the time that Qing Sha would be her favourite small green snake in the world from now on.

Look at that slim body, those jewel-like scales, and those adorable little eyes.

When the little green snake saw Xu Qiu, he spit out a small snake tongue, then put his fangs away and licked Xu Qiu’s wrist gently.

“Thank you, Qing Sha,” Xu Qiu said softly as he stroked his small triangular head.

Qing Sha, who had wanted to relax because of his ability, was suddenly full of power.

The tail of the little green snake untied a circle from Xu Qiu’s elbow, allowing enough length, and then tied a magnificent bow in the air.

The cubs made a loud noise when they saw the little green snake displaying their skills in the picture.

“Wow, Qing Sha is really shameless!”

“It’s too sinister!”

They never expected Qing Sha, who was always silent on weekdays, to be the first to rush to Xu Qiu.

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