The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 14.2

Snakes are less popular than cute-looking fluffy cubs, but with today’s talent, Qing Sha is entirely dominating the ranks.

The other cubs couldn’t wait any longer after the first demonstration.

Who knows if there will be a second green sand if they stay any longer.

The cubs ran out, and even the white Bai Sa, who had been hesitating, followed them out, leaving the spot where they were staying empty.

He is faster than the other cubs; even if he is a step behind, he can still make it to the front row.


Anyway, their eyes are always focused on the first place, and even if he is in front, he is no match for Qing Sha.

“Jasper, the biscuits and the nutrient solution are here.”

They’re on a business trip, and the food they bring onboard the spacecraft is suitable for long-term storage.

Small but heavy compressed biscuits, as well as a fruit-flavored nutrition solution.

It doesn’t taste good, but it fills the stomach quickly.

The young man, who had not experienced the world, just raised his head when he saw a group of beasts rushing towards him.

To Xu Qiu, they’re all just a bunch of cubs waiting to be fed.

Every cub that raced out was full of hazardous words in Donald’s eyes: dangerous, dangerous, extremely dangerous.

When the two big men saw Xu Qiu, they thought they could just knock the childcare worker down with a punch, and that the two of them combined would be too much for these small childcare workers to play with.

Xu Qiu was about to fight when she noticed the red-haired young guy returning, wailing, turning away, dumping the biscuits and supplements in his hand, and fleeing.

The glass tube containing the nutrition solution was flung to the ground and cracked, and the air smelled like sweet oranges.

The cubs dashed over, and there was no electric current to stop them.

Bai Sa, who had emerged as the finale at this moment, rushed out abruptly towards the man.

Qing Sha’s mouth is so powerful. The cubs’ lethality can be imagined after seeing a man see them and flee.

“Wait a minute, don’t kill him first!” exclaimed Xu Qiu.

If the opposing party clearly threatens her life, Xu Qiu will immediately counterattack to ensure her survival.

However, this individual had previously intervened for her, turning around and grabbing the food. If there are alternative solutions, Xu Qiu will not willingly kill a living being.

When her voice just fell, the man seemed to be thinking of something, turning his head and pressing a button on the remote control.

And when he did this, a particular kitten leapt into the air.

Two white wings appeared on its back, and the cat began to enlarge swiftly, much like a lovely girl transforming, swelled dozens of times from a kitten to a majestic big cat in an instant.

Bai Sa’s paw broke the man’s hand holding the remote control. He also uses his paws to knock the man down.

[Task progress 2/6]

The majestic large cat only stayed in this cool image for three seconds before reverting to its usual small size and resting its paws on the man’s back.

He approached Xu Qiu with eyes that looked like the sun, moon, and stars, and spoke: “He is not dead.”

He simply passed out, but he did not pass away.

For a brief while, Xu Qiu was taken aback before realising that he was answering her previous request.

He waited for Hua Lan, who had finally arrived on the scene, because transforming required a lot of strength.

“Drag him in, Hua Lan.”

Hualan twisted himself into a thick and long vine and tightly bound the man’s two remaining legs. He flung the guy and was directly hit by the piled sand that was created by Qing Sha.

Rubbish should be piled up together. Each cub is responsible for taking good care of the kindergarten environment.

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