I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 25.1

The citrus was selling well. At first, the process was very smooth, and it was a good start. After all, it’s both delicious and inexpensive.

They can still cover the compensation if the citrus spoils. There was no need to fear for trouble in the rear 1. Why not purchase it?

Chong Chong Chong 2!

Even the staff of the program crew unintentionally followed and placed several orders.

They’ve eaten it on the spot and know how delicious and cheap this citrus is. It can also make the perfect gift for family and friends.

The live broadcast room’s audience was still increasing. Many people also indicates that You Qiuqiu has attracted a lot of attention.

【This anchor looks so familiar. 】

【Yes, I believe it is very familiar, like the treasure anchor You Qiuqiu, who was previously involved in mukbang broadcasting.】

You Qiuqiu, who happily ate citrus with her hands, “…”

She feels she has a guilty conscience.

What bad luck!

She already has a beautiful face, can she be still recognized?

It has to be said that You Qiuqiu underestimated her influence in the live broadcast industry. Previously, she was on her way to becoming a first-rate broadcaster in the broadcasting industry. Despite the fact that her mukbang career ended prematurely, she had a prosperous life all around.

She used to be on the front page every day, so they were all too familiar with her.

【It’s actually very similar to Mukbang broadcasting. It’s so tasty that it piques your appetite. I’m missing the cub. 】

【Ao ao ao, someone actually recommended my cub. Actually, my cub was not a professional Mukbang broadcaster, she is an entertainer, an actress. Some time ago, she performed well in 《Hello Acting》. Everyone can go and see, you don’t lose any money. PS: This anchor looks like a Qiu cub, but it shouldn’t be. 】

【It’s definitely not from Mukbang broadcasting. Didn’t you notice that the door frame is crooked? This is the tenth and final level of beauty function!】

【Treasure Mukbang and broadcasting have vanished. Do you want to keep the heat on because the appearance is so similar?】

【2333, the door frame is heavily crooked and cannot be fixed anymore.】

You Qiuqiu was so terrified when she was recognised that she almost left the live broadcast room on the spot, but she was relieved to see others saying she was wholesome and over-beautiful.

Fang Shubai noticed the message in the barrage and asked, “Who is Mukbang broadcasting You Qiuqiu?”

You Qiuqiu shook her head blankly: I don’t know, she is the artist You Qiuqiu.

You Qiuqiu, was working hard to sell citrus. When she discovered that everyone was still talking about Mukbang broadcasting You Qiuqiu, and that some people had even entered the live broadcast room specifically to discuss and leave a message, she began to rub up against her own heat and began to make serious nonsense.

“Qiu Qiuyou is my name. Welcome to the Lao Teng Citrus live broadcast room, babies. A catty of the delectable big citrus costs three yuan. Is bro really not going to buy some so he can go back and taste it?”

She turned the conversation into a sales pitch.

Fang Shubai didn’t pay attention to You Qiuqiu’s previous experience, but he was aware of it because she was invited by the programme group.

They were all perplexed by You Qiuqiu’s actions.

Believe in her evil, and who is this Qiu Qiuyou standing in front of them?!

Regardless of what happened, You Qiuqiu was successful.

Whatever mentality the audience had when they clicked into the live broadcast, they couldn’t get away from You Qiuqiu’s cheerful appearance while she was eating. They clicked on the product link and proceeded to buy, buy, and buy some more.

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  1. fears of trouble in the rear (idiom); = worry about the future consequences / often in negative expressions, meaning “no worries about anything”
  2. 冲 it was similar to buying sound.

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