I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 25.2

In just over 30 minutes, one-third of the citrus that made the boy’s family sigh has been sold.

Fang Shubai honed his rainbow fart skills.

“Wow, senior sister, you are truly amazing and eloquent. I adore you!”

“…You also eaten up many citruses, seven or eight in total.”

You Qiuqiu:?

She certainly didn’t overeat! She had obviously tried to exercise restraint.

You Qiuqiu cast a glance at the fruit bowl beside her. The boy’s grandmother washed many citrus fruits for her in order to facilitate her live broadcast to the audience. The bowl was now empty.

You have the facts in front of you.

You, Qiuqiu:!!


It’s no surprise she felt full, and then she realised she couldn’t hold it any longer. Why did she suddenly consume so many citrus fruits? She stated that she could only eat one.

The cameraman was so excited that he quickly captured You Qiuqiu’s regretful expression.

This actress is truly priceless. Why is she so adorable and comical? This expression is too hilarious.

He felt bad because, while he admires You Qiuqiu’s cute and beautiful appearance, but the recording still needed to be made.

The boy’s family remained in a daze. The program’s director informed them that a large portion of the citrus had been sold. When the time comes, the local courier service will directly pick up the package, send the oranges, and instruct them on how to view today’s sales and orders.

When the boy’s grandfather saw the amount of money, he became aware of reality. They were ecstatic and kept thanking You Qiuqiu and the programme team.

“What kind of luck have I gotten, ah!”

 “I met a group of kindhearted people.”

The boy’s grandfather pushed You Qiuqiu towards a large basket of citrus: “Come on, young lady, eat the citrus. If you can eat seven or eight citrus fruits, you should be able to eat seven or eight citrus fruits. That is insignificant. You are the lucky star in our family. If these don’t enough, I’ll give you a few orange trees!”

The boy’s grandfather was unaware that You Qiuqiu was still speechless because she ate too much and was afraid of becoming overweight. She was embarrassed to overeat.

With such a large basket of citrus, You Qiuqiu, who was quietly searching for [Will eating fruit make you gain weight?] in front of the enthusiastic boy’s grandfather, “…”

She gave a bitter smile.

The citrus is delicious, but she is terrified of getting fat and even more terrified of going to the gym.

She just got an answer from the website that she will gain weight if she eats too much fruit.

You Qiuqiu was absolutely baffled.

The boy’s family expressed their heartfelt gratitude to You Qiuqiu and the show’s crew. After all, if they hadn’t been here, these fruits would have rotted in the ground.

They would not only provide citrus for everyone to eat, but they would also provide free orders to the staff who placed the order.

The staff declined.

Their income is not low; the boy’s family is a regular farmer; there is no reason to make them lose money.

Having said that, You Qiuqiu and Fang Shubai finally returned home after being stuffed with a large bag of citrus.

If they do not accept it, the grandfather will send them directly to the residence, using a thief-dominant tone that makes people obey.

From the start, the program’s crew confiscated the guests’ smartphones. The smart phones used for live broadcasting by You Qiuqiu are all borrowed from the programme group, but they still allow the guests to play their phones when there is no recording.

You Qiuqiu sleeps very well. The variety shows had been filmed for a few days, and she had just fallen asleep. She didn’t want to play the phone.

Finally, in the afternoon, the programme team distributed mobile phones to everyone so that they could contact their family and staff.

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