I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 25.4

A netizen made a Weibo post to assist a fruit farmer, claiming that the first time he bought citrus in the live broadcast room, he did not step on the mine land. The citrus is sweet and fresh, mainly because it is very cheap.  He intends to purchase a few more.

Finally, the anchor resembles You Qiuqiu, except that her face is slightly plastic, and she has the same appetite as You Qiuqiu.

Sheng Shiyun viewed the video posted by netizens and clicked.

He could tell from a glance that the anchor eating citrus there was You Qiuqiu.

People who appear next to each other occasionally are also acquaintances.

Fang Shubai, a previous guest of the same group who took part in 《Hello Acting》with You Qiuqiu.

Sheng Shiyun stared at the beautiful face on the screen took a bite of the orange citrus and sneered: “Hehe.”

So capable, ah. Because of a guilty conscience, she hung up the phone. When the shooting programme begins, dare to do a mukbang live broadcast quietly. Okay, so she’s not afraid of gaining weight, isn’t she?

Even claiming that she is Qiu Qiuyou?

It’s also because she’s capable of figuring it out on her own.

Sheng Shiyun looked at the calendar. He scheduled an appointment for You Qiuqiu’s personal gym trainer after calculating the time You Qiuqiu would return from the show.

It didn’t matter that she could float. It’s also time to go to the gym to relax and enjoy.

Not only did Sheng Shiyun discover Qiuqiu You = You Qiuqiu, but her old fan from You Qiuqiu’s mukbang live broadcast became aware of it as well. He had seen You Qiuqiu with the beauty function and recognised her.

As for You Qiuqiu’s fans, they are not fake fans, they naturally aware that she is their cub.

Their cub was already too thin!

Although they do not know why You Qiuqiu suddenly began selling citrus, and she also does not want people to recognise her, the mother and father fans were still very considerate and did not reveal her.

Play role-playing games with You Qiuqiu.

They didn’t realise it was Qiuqiu. They watched the live broadcast solely to purchase citrus. That’s all.

You Qiuqiu, did not know she’d fallen off the horse. She has no idea that her evil boss has arranged a fitness package for her and is just waiting for her to return.

She is still content. She was overjoyed that her lovely face had piqued the interest of others.

And, thanks to the now convenient and developed network, Lao Teng’s fruits were gone in two days.

The boy’s family was overjoyed. 

You Qiuqiu expected to be able to conceal her fame and contribution after completing the task, but she didn’t expect more people to discover them.

“From what I’ve heard, the live broadcast can sell citrus…

Can you sell it for our house as well? 

The citrus in my house is delicious, and we’re all honest. 

If they are not sweet or fresh, we will not sell them to customers.”

“Yes, could you assist us? We have money to give you.”

“Trouble you, please help…”

When the middleman who was in charge of selling the citrus stopped coming, not only the Lao Teng family, but many other people in the town, suffered. 

This year’s harvest was superb. 

Everyone should have been overjoyed, but who could have predicted this accident?

They can’t all be sold.

Only citrus from Lao Teng’s family has been shipped in large quantities in the last two days. 

Because they are out of stock and there are few people in town, they can figure out what happened with a few simple inquiries.

They had heard that a TV station was filming variety shows here. The celebrity among them opened a live broadcast, assisting Lao Teng in selling the citrus in two days.

A crowd had gathered outside Lao Teng’s house, including young people, middle-aged people, elderly people, and children.

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