I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 25.5

Most of them are elderly people who were carrying children.

They didn’t mess around or cause havoc; instead, they looked at the programme group’s staff with eager eyes, as if they were drowning and trying to grab the rope.

It doesn’t matter if they make money or not; just don’t let them lose too much, and don’t let the good fruits rot on the ground. They will be distressed just by looking at it.

Of course, when it came time to find someone, they came to an agreement. They aided in the accumulation of virtue, and the programme group was courteous and would not complain if they could not help.

Will not moral kidnapping anyone 1.

You Qiuqiu blinked: “…?”

She thought it was over, but she wasn’t expecting to see so many people now.

There are a lot of high-quality citruses in town waiting to be sold, and there are still a lot of people in the live broadcast room who haven’t bought citrus and are desperate to get it.

You Qiuqiu can only work together with the program group.


She continued to open the live broadcast to sell the citrus.

Of course, there is a catch. You Qiuqiu will not interrupt the normal recording of the programme, but instead will open a live broadcast when there is no recording.

She has to record the programme during the day, and at night she transforms into You Qiuqiu of Citrus Xishi2: _(:з」∠)_

Aou wuwuw… She was so tired, so tired, she wanted to be paralyzed ah.

The program team did not tell You Qiuqiu. After two days of recording, the programme team will concentrate on helping with the sale of citrus.

Regarding the slow sales of local citrus, and later You Qiuqiu assisting in the sale of citrus, all of these things were outside of the 《Leisure Time》 programme group’s plan, and they had not done anything like this before.

But isn’t life full of unexpected twists and turns?

It will be more fun if you follow the rules and the plan.

As a result of the programme group’s discussion, they are relieved and confidently begin recording and shooting around this event. That’s what happened to them.

They appear to have gradually assimilated into this small town.

Not only did You Qiuqiu and Fang Shubai assist the fruit grower in selling citrus, but the other guests also chipped in.

As soon as You Qiuqiu and Fang Shubai were free, they would ran outside. They appeared to be on the verge of death when they returned. Citrus is always in indispensable in the area where they live…

You Qiuqiu did not intend to keep it hidden from everyone at first. Cui Jiannan inquired when she returned.

“I think this is quite meaningful. I’ll accompany you. I’m not sure what the live broadcast is about. It’s fine to assist.”

Cui Jiannan paused for a moment, then spoke these words with a gentle smile on his face.

Anjie Tao: “I’ll be there as well!”

“We can’t eat citrus for free, can we? Make a contribution.”

“Bring me too. I can help pack it. My daughter sends home delivery all day, I pack it well,” Ma Juan joined the group chat.

In just a few minutes, three consecutive guests lent their support to the noble cause of selling citrus.

In this way, there is only one left—

Shi Jing was eating citrus and noticed that many people, including the staff, were staring at her.

She’s still picking thorns, but there’s no need to find You Qiuqiu, and she doesn’t want to be slapped in the face any longer.

“I’ll join you.”

Don’t even think about throwing her off.

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  1. Moral Kidnapping = To use moral value to threaten/force/give pressure to others so that they will do the thing you ask them to do (kind of like you kidnap someone’s moral value and force them to agree with yours). In this way, you were more likely to find a word such as guilt-tripping or emotional blackmail..
  2. Xishi = famous Chinese beauty, foremost of the four legendary beauties.

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