I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 25.6

Shi Jing is even a little eager to give it a shot. She believes she is more than capable of bringing the goods. Maybe she’ll win this time, and it’ll be considered breaking a round…

Shi Jing was assigned to a customer service position, where she was responsible for receiving, consulting customers and providing after-sales service.

Shi Jing: “…” A stinky face at the screen.

Actually, You Qiuqiu does not wish to occupy the position of the anchor; rather, she wishes to surrender the position of the anchor.

She was so terrified that she didn’t dare to eat any more fruit.

But the old man never learned how to do a live broadcast.

Others yelled that Shi Jing was too fierce and that they didn’t want to watch her become an anchor. 

Shi Jing almost scolded the live broadcast room audience.

Fang Shubai has a good temper after putting him out, and he has been around You Qiuqiu. He has also learned some tricks and is eager to put them to use. He enjoys these delectable citrus fruits.

Audience: Indifferent jpg.

【Can you let Qiuyou come here? You don’t eat well. 】

【I like another lovely sister anchor, and as long as the anchor is available, I will buy five copies…No! Ten copies!】

Fang Shubai:? ? ?

No, big brother, what’s the matter, he’s also got a pretty face ah. Why are you so picky when it comes to selling a piece of fruit?

There is no other option. You Qiuqiu can only be forced to open a business and continue to eat citrus for the sake of the town’s fruit sales.

You Qiuqiu told herself that she wasn’t greedy every time she ate a citrus. She didn’t do it because she couldn’t control herself, but because she wanted to sell the citrus more effectively.

She never imagined she’d have such a magnificent and awe-inspiring reason to eat one day.

You Qiuqiu’s cheeks were round and she was still stuffing orange petals in her mouth.

You Qiuqiu fans are obsessed with taking screenshots.

The cubs are adorable and well-behaved!

All the guests are working hard for the citrus business. Shi Jing was unpopular during the live broadcast, but she outperformed everyone in the customer service position.

She is not surprised, especially in the face of malicious people looking for flaws.

Customer: The citrus isn’t tasty.

Shi Jing: No problem, we’ll cover the compensation. Please return the items, and we will issue a refund once we receive them.

Customer: The goods cannot be returned because they have been consumed.

Shi Jing:? ? ?

She couldn’t say anything. They stated that it was not delicious after eating it, implying that they were messing around.

So, Shi Jing spat out some fragrance. The customer on the other end had intended to squander the money, but the person who was sprayed could not fight back.

Shi Jing put down the keyboard in her hand: Comfortable!

The citrus sales are going very well, and many customers have received the citrus that was sent to them, and there has been a lot of positive feedback.

The anchor was not exaggerated in any way; it was so tasty that they could fly. This purchase is well worth it, and they quickly purchased a few more copies. They were concerned that it would be sold out.

Of course, some people have found a clue.

Huh? These individuals appear to be familiar.

The little packing brother who passed by resembles the singer Tao Anjie, and the man who is picking citrus, isn’t it really the actor Cui Jiannan?

However, most people are unconcerned about this.

Are you imagining things? When the actor and the first-line singers have time, they will go pack fruit for you?

The fans who recognised You Qiuqiu and squatted silently between the anchors: their family Qiqiu is an artist; perhaps they are working with the actor’s first-line singer?

The citrus that had given the town a headache began to sell quickly across the country in just a few days.

Not only that, but You Qiuqiu and her party are well-known among the villagers.

The program team no longer needs to arrange for them to find food tasks. After all, there are too many things to be eaten by the fruit growers alone.

There was bacon sent by Lao Teng; tender bamboo shoot stir fry sent by Sister Jiang; beef sent by Brother Liu, Stir-fry the onions grown by Aunt Zhou’s family; the wife of Zhu’s family made it easier for the guests, and directly delivered the hot three fresh dumplings.

You Qiuqiu don’t charge money, but when faced with these foods, she can accept it, and great kindness is difficult to resist.

This is the truth in which the Chinese have always believed.

The relationship between the villagers and them grows closer.

The director of the 《Leisure Time》 programme group has filmed many variety shows and has created many successful variety shows. He never created a variety show that was more down-to-earth, pyrotechnic, and warm than this one.

“I believe our show has a lot of potential.”

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