I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 26.2

Furthermore, You Qiuqiu discovered that the netizens who followed her Weibo were not at all like she had imagined. Everyone wanted her autographed photos, not 50,000 yuan.

“I really want Qiuqiu’s autographed photo. Mama has arrived.”

“It’s an autographed photo. My God, this has to be forwarded.”

There are many comments like this.


After some thought, You Qiuqiu concluded that everyone was reserved. It’s as if she’s reading a book. Sometimes the author will leave a red envelope to get some comments, and the author will also receive a comment like【Wow, great, the article you wrote is so beautiful, I really like it ah.】.

You can’t just tell the other person, 【I left a message just for the red envelope.】

Finally, You Qiuqiu reposted the lottery on Weibo and snagged a spot for herself. Perhaps this post was blocked and many people were unaware of it.

Her fans increased slightly after she grabbed a handful of lottery spots herself. Although she couldn’t say it surged, it was bumpy enough to meet the lottery’s 500,000 conditions.

You Qiuqiu said to Sheng Shiyun, who was driving and went through the lottery process in the background.

She can’t draw the winner for a while because there are still a lot of people who want to join, so she has to wait.

And Qiuqiu looked at the 50,000 yuan in cash backstage, and she envied this lucky goose.

“Where are we going?”

Since she was a child, You Qiuqiu has had a big heart. Furthermore, she had already entered the Weibo lottery. When she put down her phone and looked up, looking around, she realized, in retrospect, that this road was not very familiar.

It’s not the same as going to the company.

“Send you to the gym. You’ve relaxed these days,” Sheng Shiyun said, opening his mouth.

You Qiuqiu:???

She became paralyzed in a comfortable position and could not move. In an instant, a small face can be said to collapse.

Is he not, is he not the devil?

There will be no reception banquet or good food to console her. She’ll be sent to the gym after she finishes her work and gets off the plane?

She hasn’t been fat in a long time, so why is she working so hard to keep her body shape in order to avoid gaining weight?

She should have eaten a few more meals if she knew she had to exercise.

Even if You Qiuqiu didn’t say anything, Sheng Shiyun had already interpreted her rich expression through the rearview mirror, and in the end, he didn’t make any jokes with her.

“You should go to the hospital.”

Sheng Shiyun was convinced that You Qiuqiu’s skin had turned a deep yellow. He didn’t think this was a minor issue. Let’s go to the doctor to see if it’s an illness.

You Qiuqiu actually thinks Mr. Sheng has made a fuss. Why does he keep claiming her skin has turned yellow?

However, when compared to the gym, the hospital is not as frightening.

Everything is convenient, as long as she does not go to the gym. When You Qiuqiu went to the hospital, she specifically asked about it, and it was Mr. Sheng who made the suggestion.

You Qiuqiu: The problem is minor; just treat it as a public-funded inspection.

You Qiuqiu’s steps to the hospital’s dermatology department can be described as brisk walking in front of Sheng Shiyun.

Sheng Shiyun followed her, his gaze drawn to her ecstatic posture. Just because she didn’t want to go to the gym, she was so happy?

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