I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 26.4

You Qiuqiu, who had thousands of private messages and tens of thousands of comments, blankly clicked on the notification with tears in her eyes.

Congratulations! You won the prize in the event 【Exquisite signature photo of You Qiuqiu and 50,000 yuan in cash】……

You Qiuqiu stared at this system notification and watched it three times. She successfully omitted the beautiful signature of You Qiuqiu and placed it on the back of 50,000 yuan in cash.

Her 500,000 fan lottery benefits were drawn, and the lucky winner was chosen from among hundreds of thousands of reposts.

If she reads it correctly, it appears to be herself.

You Qiuqiu reposted the lottery to allow others to see it, and she was drawn by the system as a result.

You Qiuqiu sensed that she would be resurrected, and the tears returned to her eyes. “Mr. Sheng…I said if, if I win the lottery, the 50,000 yuan, it will be fair and equitable, to distribute it normally,” she raised her head to look at the man in suit and leather shoes in front of her.

She felt she could struggle a little longer after seeing the 50,000 yuan. This is most likely because God saw her sufferings and provided her with a fund to help support her parents.

Thank you, Mr. Sheng, for troubling the lottery to transfer the remaining 50,000 yuan to her bank account.

You Qiuqiu’s Weibo really blew up. The number of comments and private messages increased dramatically after the lottery ID was revealed.

This is, after all, incredible.

【My God, did Qiuqiu win the lottery?】

【When I first saw You Qiuqiu’s ID, I assumed it was a true fan of You Qiuqiu, and imitated Qiuqiu’s name, but when I clicked in with this ID, I discovered that things were not so simple. 】

 【Hahaha f*ck, really, everyone read it right! Don’t doubt that your eyes really You Qiuqiu win the lottery herself. I have already fainted with my little sister laughing. 】

 【I draw my own lottery and win it. I am afraid I will never see this kind of scene again in my lifetime.】

【Forget it if it is a black-box operation, mainly because it is drawn by the system, it should be said that Qiuqiu is lucky!】

After being reminded by netizens, the classic example of You Qiuqiu was picked up again.

What to take part in the competitive show, the first seeded player eliminated himself, and she took first place; what to audition, three people came, the other two people fought, and the role fell on her head.

There are various coincidences. When they saw these, netizens can’t help but wonder, “What kind of luck is this?”

Being loved.

Some people even changed their profile picture with You Qiuqiu’s photo, hoping to catch some of her luck. It didn’t matter if they could get 50,000 yuan or not. They simply wish You Qiuqiu good luck.

 Topics similar to 【You Qiuqiu Good Luck】【You Qiuqiu Lottery】 have also been rushed to the top of the hot search.


However, although it has sparked many discussions on Weibo and everyone is eager to rub her luck, You Qiuqiu’s mood is fluctuating.

She thought she had a terminal illness and was about to die when she discovered she had drawn her 50,000 yuan. She hadn’t discussed the bonus exchange with Mr. Sheng when the female doctor who had left came in.

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