I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 26.6

Later, when Sheng Shiyun’s gaze fell on You Qiuqiu’s slightly irritated yellow skin, he said, “Whitening products can be used. Make sure to use makeup. You can also put on foundation.”

He is in charge of emotions such as rage, grief, and joy. What’s the difference between rebutting and refuting? The obedient social animal can only remain silent.

In fact, You Qiuqiu believes that even if she ate citrus live broadcast until her skin turned yellow, it would be difficult to tell.

But it does not matter.

The doctor stated that after the metabolism occurs, her skin will gradually recover to its previous color, though she does not know how slowly this will occur.

Fortunately, no one knew about her yellowing skin except Mr. Sheng.

The person who did the live broadcast was Qiu Qiuyou, not You Qiuqiu. Even if fans watch the show, her skin will turn white again.

However, You Qiuqiu underestimated his fans.

You Qiuqiu opened the long-lost fan club that night and saw everyone reading. “Hahaha, Qiqiu actually went to the hospital’s dermatology department. She was eating citrus during the live broadcast, and she ate herself until her skin turned yellow, didn’t she?”

“Really, the cub’s skin has turned a lot yellow. My little cub is too pitiful. This time, the cub didn’t eat until she was full, but the cub’s skin turned yellow.”

“Can I tell you I wanted to leave a comment while watching the live broadcast? You won’t eat any more citrus. It causes not only the skin to turn yellow but also has a problem with excessive internal heat. I was surprised that female artists were not immune to the law of yellowing.”

“Isn’t it like doing Mukbang broadcasting without breaking the law of gaining weight?”

You Qiuqiu:! ! !

They can clearly see in the photo that You Qiuqiu entered the dermatology department of a well-known public hospital. Fans have even created a comparison chart to confirm that You Qiuqiu’s skin has turned yellow. When compared to previous pictures of You Qiuqiu without makeup, she is indeed…

You Qiuqiu’s first thought was that if she ate too much citrus, she would suffer from excessive internal heat. It’s no surprise she recently had a toothache and a sore throat, which increased her knowledge and education.

The second reaction is, how did they photograph her? It turns out that everyone knew she was the one who did the live broadcast beforehand.

Before You Qiuqiu was immeasurably self-satisfied, Qiuqiu’s name seemed to be a joke. She didn’t expect fans to see it a long time ago, but they said nothing about it.

Also, there’s no need to place the comparison chart so close together, so that she knows that her skin becomes more yellow. QWQ

Who would have guessed she could avoid getting fat but couldn’t avoid another disaster?

When You Qiuqiu went to the hospital, her skin had turned yellow, and her fans noticed. She asked Mr. Sheng.

Is she really that hot now?

Is it so hot that she will be photographed and noticed wherever she goes?

Sheng Shiyun finally responded after a long time.

Think about your lottery.

How long did it take for the 500,000 fans to realize it, and then think about the questions she asked? Does she have a clear understanding of herself?

You Qiuqiu knows it in seconds. Okay, she understands. Mr. Sheng deserves to be a boss because he can consistently hit the nail on the head.

Sheng Shiyun felt that You Qiuqiu fans were powerful, but this can only be attributed to coincidence.


Some of You Qiuqiu’s fans pick her up from the airport after seeing her do a live broadcast eating citrus. They were taken aback to see Fang Shubai appear as well. There appeared to be an actor and a lead singer. They had already sensed that the cubs had caught a whiff of a new variety show.

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