I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 26.7

It is most likely the 《Leisure Time》.

The guests’ black and dark portraits were released by the show’s production team. The Great God analyzed them at the time, and it was precisely because of the Great God’s analysis that everyone went to pick up the plane later.

Concerning the pick-up video, You Qiuqiu’s fans yelled that she ate food deliciously in front of her, which drew the attention of many passers-by. They thought the artist and her fans were too much fun.

Of course, these are not the most important points. The key point is that the fans are looking forward to it, and they will finally be able to eat new food.

Because You Qiuqiu didn’t have many works previously, she can’t satisfy the fans who are begging for food.

However, the fans can still comfort themselves. Their cub has just started. Young artists can accept the variety shows, and seeing the cooperating cafes get heavier, it is already very good.

The future can be expected.

The TV station 《Leisure Time》 finally sent out a message to the invited guests and announced the broadcasting time after being guarded by You Qiuqiu’s fans and discovering that several artists are paying attention to each other.

Leisure Time Program Group V: Let us spend a wonderful time together in a leisurely town, away from the hustle and bustle of the city @Cui Jiannan@Ma Juan@Tao Anjie@Shi Jing@Fang Shubai@You Qiuqiu.

The program group of 《Leisure Time》 has just announced the guests, and fans of all the guests have come to claim them.

“Brother Cui is the best in the world; I haven’t seen him on a variety show in a long time; I’m looking forward to it!”

“I like Ma Juan Laoshi ah, Ma Juan is on the show. This show will turn into a skit, hahaha.”

“Tianlai1 singer Tao Anjie, check out the xx station of the national tour concert at the beginning of the ninth month next month.”

“There is Shi Jing, okay, I know this show can be torn up again, but I really like the torn-up plot.”

Fang Shubai and You Qiuqiu didn’t have too many fans. Two of them are still newcomers when compared to the previous four guests.

However, with the order from the management Xiaowei of the You Qiuqiu Fan Support Association, everyone quickly gathered on Weibo, rushed, and lined up for the cubs!

You Qiuqiu poked herself.

She forwarded the program group Weibo with a large size in the front foot, and left a message in a small size on the back foot 【Beautiful You Qiuqiu, lovely milky voice You Qiuqiu, sand sculpture artist You Qiuqiu】.

A well-divided batch.

You Qiuqiu: I set myself up for myself.

Fans formed a line, some climbed back and grabbed some photos.

“Look! It’s You Qiuqiu.”

The group photo was sent to the fan chat group.

The photo was taken by Fang Shubai. He was pleased with everyone on the show. He had wanted to say something on Weibo for a long time, but he couldn’t because the program agreement was to be kept confidential.

Fang Shubai couldn’t wait to post the group photo now that the guests had been officially announced by the program.

It was taken by six people before they left.

You Qiuqiu has big eyes, a pointed face, and a thin nose when she uses the beauty function.

Fang Shubai didn’t understand this aesthetic, but who told the senior sister to like it?

The author has something to say:

Fang Shubai: Who told the senior sister to like it?

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  1. Tianlai = Sounds of nature.

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