The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 14.3

The noise of the robot caught Xu Qiu’s attention.

When the remote control button was pressed, the green light in the robot’s eyes changed to red light.

They raised their weapons toward Xu Qiu, only to be ensnared in the spider silk spewed out by Mu Zhi.

The flames of the small fox erupted immediately after the spider web.

The high-temperature-resistant robot had clearly melted in the scorching flame.

[A circuit error has occurred.]

[Warning warning! ]

[Scene being transmitted…404]

However, the robots’ scene could not be transmitted. The “music” played by You Yu and Zhu Niang utterly destroyed their camera gadgets.

“Feiyu!” (TL/N: It means Feather Attack)

In fact, not chanting slogans would not deter the attacking bird. He yelled only to show his sense of presence.

When his two wings were unfolded, the steelized wings flew out, and there was a burst of “lightning thunder,” and these four robots became a mound of broken copper and rotten iron.

The situation in front of Xu Qiu is all too familiar. She gazed at the heap of scrap iron, wondering if it wasn’t the same metal garbage she’d seen in the kindergarten corner before.

[Task progress 3/6]

[Task progress 4/6]

[Task progress 5/6]

[Task progress 6/6, current task finished, 1000 character experience rewarded, robot modification handbook, robot toolbox, and door]

A brand new and beautiful door emerged out of thin air from the place where the original door was, and the gap was tightly closed.

After completing repelling foreign enemies, the system was updated with Xu Qiu’s new task

[The best offensive is perfect defence, and the best defence is perfect offence. Your homeland is far too fragile. Make it an unbeatable and unbreakable fortress! Side Quest- Come and Upgrade to Open: new kindergarten property page]

[Number One Kindergarten in the Universe 

Attack: Level 1

Defense: Level 1

Resident: 11/13     

Captives: 2/2

General Control Room: 1/1

Warehouse: 12/100

Classroom: 0/11

Kitchen: 1/1

Lounge: 1/1]

Both the attack and defence attributes are at level 1.

The warehouse shows the item capacity and the amount of space utilised by the present inventory.

[Side task 2: Read and integrate the robot manual’s information, repair the robot, and increase the kindergarten defence and assault to level 2.

In other words, she must reassemble this jumble of broken copper and iron into 12 functioning robots.

When she heard the task, Xu Qiu’s initial thought was that, thankfully, the side missions had no effect on the main missions, and it didn’t matter if they got stuck for a while.

She cast a peek at the cubs who had exhausted their skills and had reverted to their normal state.

Xu Qiu’s attention was drawn to the two intruders.

“Everyone did an excellent job today.”

The enemy was repelled thanks to the cubs’ combined efforts.

They work well together, and everything is in order.

However, repelling the enemy is only the beginning. According to the system-translated information, if the follow-up issues are not resolved, this kindergarten may also welcome a slew of intruders.

But she can’t dampen the cubs’ enthusiasm, so don’t bring it up with them.

They worked so hard to put their skills to use, and all they needed was adult approval.

Xu Qiu made a temporary decision to adjust the content of the first day of the new semester.

“We have begun school” has been officially renamed “Number One Kindergarten in the Universe Commendation Ceremony.”

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