The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 15.1

Xu Qiu cast a glance at the two large men on the ground.

Their muscles appear to be tough and heavy.

Because of the cubs’ previous positive performance, Xu Qiu no longer regards them as completely weak and harmless beings.

She attempted to lift the young man with red-brown hair. It was too heavy to lift.

“Everyone, help, and transport the two of them to the classroom,” Xu Qiu said as she greeted these capable cubs.

Because this is a commendation ceremony, there must always be something to highlight her eloquence. After all, they are seeking the truth from facts and cannot be exaggerated.

As soon as Xu Qiu’s words were heard by the cubs, two identical little bats rushed up to her and exclaimed, “We can! We can!”

The other cubs shone brightly when dealing with the robot and these two men. The invaders fell before they could show their heroic side.

The two brothers were heartbroken as they looked at the two people covered in sand: How come there were so few people, and they were so weak that they all fell to the ground, so they didn’t have the opportunity to perform well?

Everyone’s abilities have been used very much in this situation. The twin brothers jumped at the chance when they heard Xu Qiu’s request.

“Can you two do it?”

Xu Qiu’s two fists are about the size of two little bats. They are simply giants and dwarfs compared to the guys on the ground.

“Of course!” they exclaim.

As a guarantee, the two cubs spoke clearly and patted their chests with their wings. They fell down uncontrollably when they folded their wings. The two brothers hurriedly flapped their wings and flew into the air after speaking.

“Everyone give a way, don’t stay together,” Xu Qiu said.

She took two trusting steps back, allowing enough room for the two small bats.

She saw a little bat stop on the red-brown-haired man. The man who had passed out was in a daze staggered to his feet the next second.

Following that, the blond man who had been buried in the sand shook off the sand on his body and rose quickly from the ground.

Could this be a corpse!

For the first time, Xu Qiu grasped the small hoe, as well as a handful of pollen from the system warehouse.

She was so nervous that she forgot she had other tools at her disposal. She threw these things in the other person’s eyes as soon as they looked up.

As a result, all the cubs except Xu Qiu behaved calmly.

“Xu Qiuqiu, it’s okay.”

The milky voice of a little bat could be heard.

Xu Qiu looked intently, and the two people’s eyes were still closed. The blond man was the same as Donald, and a black bat rested on his shoulders.

Xu Qiu suddenly remembered the little bat’s parasitic ability, which was written in the system data.

The little bat’s Dong Dong ability is parasitic, and his elder brother’s Ding Ding ability is mind reading, if she recalls correctly. But there may be a special induction between the twins. These two cubs, who were not even the size of her slap, controlled two adult men at the same time.

So now these two people are in a parasitic state?

Xu Qiu looked at the two people’s faces and noticed that their expressions were dull and slightly distorted. Xu Qiu hastily stepped aside when the red-brown- haired young man took a stride in her direction.

The two invaders strolled into the classroom with their feet lifted and a robotic appearance, with no one’s help.

Their steps are really stiff, and they all take the same steps at the same time. It would be obvious that the two of them were not right if it weren’t for the cubs’ lack of ability.

The small bat flew away from the two men’s shoulders, and the two men fell to the right of the podium in the classroom when they heard a thump. They stack the two men one by one, with the big one on the bottom and the thin one on top, to save space in the classroom.

In fact, the classroom is quite big, and it doesn’t have to be like that.

Xu Qiu grabbed the person’s arm above and tried to bring him to the other side, but she yanked it hard and, with a click, she successfully yanked the person’s arm out of position!

With a guilty conscience, she threw his arm back.

“Let me come.”

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