I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 35.5

Tao Anjie was filled with remorse. 

He didn’t hide it and apologised profusely to You Qiuqiu. 

You Qiuqiu only noticed one situation after hearing that there was a problem with the drink- 

Fortunately, she still had a little drink left, or else all the evidence would have been drunk into her stomach.

Tao Ge just said that because the quantity was too small, it almost didn’t make it to the test quantity.

“…” I’m sorry, I’m not sure why I can drink so much.

You Qiuqiu knew well that she had been shot while lying down. She is an actor, not a singer, and Tao Ge didn’t mean it. This has nothing to do with him.

In terms of fundamentals, the only person who made a mistake was the person who worked on the drink, and Tao Anjie was also a victim.

You Qiuqiu also typed to comfort Tao Anjie, although she felt Tao Ge didn’t listen very well.

The program team also handled things in a quick and vigorous manner. 

They conducted inspections for You Qiuqiu. 

When Tao Anjie asked professionals to test the drinks, they discovered the culprits as well.

Monitoring is in place throughout the program group. 

Doing something like this in front of the program group should not be considered a fluke.

Furthermore, after this happened, the program group reported it to the police. The perpetrator wanted to take advantage of the chaos but was immediately stopped by the staff.

The monitoring also confirmed that he did it.

It’s a contestant from “My Voice, My Show,” a recent graduate who didn’t say much and appeared shy.

He’s been on the show for a while now, and his strength is quite impressive. 

Even if he had been arrested by police at the time, the staff did not believe he would do such a thing until they saw the surveillance footage.

“Tao Laoshi has always been there for you when you’ve been left behind!”

This player is good, but he didn’t perform well on the spot. Sometimes his stage performance is excellent, and other times it is the scene of a major car accident.

The other mentors wanted to get rid of this player several times, but it was Tao Anjie who stood by him in the end.

When Tao Anjie was interviewed by the show, he stated unequivocally that this player was talented, and he didn’t want the talented individual to miss out on any opportunities, so he would keep him for a look.

Now that the surveillance is in front of them and the people in the picture are clearly photographed, the players know he cannot flee. He readily confessed.

“I hate him. Why does he speak to me like that?” 

Tao Anjie was the person he was referring to.

Tao Anjie’s agent was also on the scene of the program group. 

He only felt cold in his bones when he heard the player grit his teeth and saw his hateful eyes.

It’s dreadful…

Tao Anjie sings well and has a firm and serious personality. 

Every comment is made with a professional attitude. He doesn’t pay attention to emotions, but it is also a factual argument. He does not specifically add fuel, and there is no personal insult directed at the players.

But now he’s been bitten by a player he admired.

Tao Anjie’s tone and personality were disliked by the opposing party.

Tao Anjie’s agent almost ran over to the player and yelled, “Your mother is all over the world, so they have to treat you with a good attitude?”

Tao Anjie’s agent refused to even discuss the details with Tao Anjie. 

He was afraid Tao Anjie wouldn’t be able to turn the corner and would collapse.

Jiang Tao contacted Sheng Shiyun first after the abrupt accident, but the hospital was quite far away from the company. When Sheng Shiyun arrived, the original meticulous hairstyle had become a little sloppy.

Tao Anjie and Tao Anjie’s agent, as well as the show’s director and producer, are all waiting for him.

Tao Anjie and the others have gathered here to wait for Sheng Shiyun because You Qiuqiu has suffered an unwarranted disaster and wishes to apologise. 

The program team is also here to apologise. After all, You Qiuqiu’s accident occurred while they were filming their show.

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